The Good, the Bad, the Strange: an Introduction

Hello, readers and welcome to “Mapped out Character Monday!” Okay, the title is pretty bad so if you have any other suggestions feel free to shoot. Anyway, my name is Alexia or as people on inkpop know me as A.K.A101 and if I only have one title in writing it has to be characterization whore. Grammar, no, spelling, eh, character, bingo.  
This portion of the blog will really focus on a very good example of a character, a very poor one, and last a type of character you might want to try out. But first let’s start simple; what is a good, a poor, or a type of character?
Good Characters; The main piece of advice I give to people about characters is that you know you got it when they feel like a real person. Someone you could bump into on the street and find out a complex set of wishes, dislikes, and flaws. The key thing with a good character is that they are flawed; you’re characters should never be perfect. It goes both ways; you’re antagonist has to be somewhat good deep down (maybe he donates to orphaned ponies with his stolen money, point is he doesn’t do evil just because he’s evil) and your protagonist can’t be little miss flawless (maybe when not saving the world, you’re mc has a bad habit of stealing chap stick from the local store for a rush). These things help make characters come to life on a page.
Bad Characters: The main thing that I can say about bad characters is that they are flat. Flatter than a piece of paper here. This is the place you’ll find a good deal of your Mary Sues, stereotypes, and classic evil because I was born this way villains. While that might have worked in the past, the truth is that flat characters we don’t’ connect to and that leaves the reader lacking.
Types: This is more out there, but here I might point out characters that outfit the norm. Maybe supernatural creatures, aliens or anything you might handle that’s tricky. If you have a type of character you want me to cover let me know.
That’s the intro. Next week is  the kickoff! We will be tackling Antiheros! Stay tuned.

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