In Which Mariella Rambles About Herself And Consults The Escapists About The Fairy Wings Contest.

I feel like an epic fail because I really have no idea what to blog about. You know how all the other awesome people have segments for their days of the week? Well, I still can’t think of something specific like music or an advice column that I could focus my studies on. I feel like I’m kind of everywhere and I never could focus on one thing.
One of my problems is that I chose Friday, and it just feels like people expect especially awesome things to come around on Fridays. Not to mention I’m a mod and I should know what I’m doing. But I think I spent so much time planning the epicness of the other contributors on this blog that I forgot to think about what I would specialize on. I technically have a reason but that still doesn’t excuse my spending the entire Friday blog post rambling about me. Nobody wants that.
So I have a few days left to go to figure out what to do with my role here on Fridays. If any of you have ideas, please comment, but otherwise it’ll be a good opportunity for Mariella to get out of her box and perhaps identify one of her weaknesses so she can improve at it and blog about it while she works on that. (And that weakness just might be that Mariella has a habit of switching to third person and ending her sentences with two exclamation points!!)
Thanks to all my friends who have contributed amazing things to this blog so far! I’m excited! You all are awesome! J
OH WAIT. Yes, I do have an announcement.
How many of you would contribute to the fairy wings contest if we arranged for it now? Comment because I don’t want to put together something huge and have there only be two people participating.
It’s inspired by the book Wings by Aprilynne Pike. I’ll be reading that and reviewing it soon. In fact, what if we all tried reading the book and writing our thoughts on it? If we decide that the contest is worth having, of course. I mean, I am going to make sure this contest happens, but I just want to make sure we don’t have to push it off till we get more followers. Because a contest gets lonely if nobody’s interested in it and contributing in it.
I remember reading this book and really enjoying it a while back. I believe I gave it 4/5 stars. It’s pretty engrossing and not to mention it has a gorgeous cover. The colors simply caught my eye and I could not not read it.
In the fairy wings contest, we would be making fairy wings based on the wings described in this book. If you haven’t read the book, and don’t think you want to (which I think you totally should read it but it’s your choice) no worries, we’ll describe them for you on here. Maybe quote the book or something. I don’t know what the prize will be, if there is one at all (isn’t the satisfaction of winning a contest enough of a prize? But I think I might enjoy coming up with a prize, it just depends on if people will contribute to win it!)
In fact…I think I’ll make a poll about this. I’m going to do this contest but I’m waiting till I know people will participate. So it’s up to you guys to comment and let me know you’ll be participating, and also, push our blog on other people so that more readers can take part in the fun!
Ohhh…I think it worked. I think I’m getting an idea about what I’m going to blog about on Friday.
Love you guys and please comment!

One thought on “In Which Mariella Rambles About Herself And Consults The Escapists About The Fairy Wings Contest.

  1. I haven't read the book, but I would be thrilled to participate! I love drawing things. I haven't read the book, and it would be cool if I could. Unfortunately, I'm saving my money and I don't know if my mom would lend me some. I'll ask.

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