PRESS PLAY TUESDAY– "Just A Little Girl" by Trading Yesterday

Hello, Fellow Escapists!
     Welcome to another side of escaping reality with another art form of writing. Music LYRICS. Music tells stories in their own way of using music and words combined. I listen to music while I read most of the time. Sometimes I tend to find a song relating to the book that I am reading. Makes me feel more in tune with the story.
When I find myself in a writing jam and have no motive or stamina to move onward with the story. Or just plain out have dag’ gone writer’s block, that you just want to scream, whine, and cry, over it! *GASPS* I have experienced many migraine worthy nights of this poo-poo, and I got sick of it! Ya hear me? SICK OF IT! (lol)

This is one of the many reasons why some of my stories I started to write, bombed so hard.  So for you all to avoid this bombing I have encountered, here’s one of the ways to stop it from EVER happening! Three little words, that can send you onto a non-stop path of pure writing bliss.
I turned to music and searched for a story within the lyrics, that may help me on my journey of writing a story. Songs that I could envision my story, my characters, and my very soul, traveling through the lyrics, every note, and even through the sound of the voice. I find myself journeying through this fellow artist’s mind, that knows how to work words into lyrics and those lyrics into wonderful, gorgeous music. Music that has your hips swaying side to side, or your head banging, and even your heart swelling with many emotions, making you want to explode. That artist’s music helps to inspire my stories, because I can fit my characters and plot into their very meaning of their masterpiece. And before I know it, my story is finally moving along with the inspiration that the song has given me. Setting the mood, setting of a scene, or a character’s mood.
Also it’s quite fun to build a soundtrack for your story. (^_^) Here’s mine to my book Time With Seleste-Tied Destinies. You can say that I don’t stick to a specific genre of music, my taste is all over the place. I mainly listen to music based upon the lyric meaning and not the genre of music.
I know for certain that I am not the only one that does this. But I would like to state the meaning of my column here, before I just jump right in.
Here’s how I’m going to do this. At each verse of each section of the song, I’m going to explain my thoughts and interpretation of the lyrics. (at my first general glance) And maybe I’ll give an example of a character in this song, set a setting and mood, maybe even a example of one of my books (if it is a song that relates). Them I’ll discuss the song in general.
Song: “Just A Little Girl”
Artist: Trading Yesterday
Genre: Alternative Rock
[Verse 1]
You never cared to hear the other side
So why would you care to keep this thing alive?
You paint me into the memory of all your pain
But I will not be drawn into the past again
At first I’m grabbing a dramatic breakup.
She’s only wanting to hear what she has to say, and not his.
And he’s wondering why she would even want to stay together.
She’s putting him as her pain, like he’s done something to her, that he really didn’t do or did, but she’s making it out to be worse than what it really is.
And he doesn’t want to be reminded of the past and just wants to move on.
‘Cause all of this is all that I can take
And you could never understand the demons that I faced
So go ahead and bat your eyes and lie right to the world
For what everything you are
You’re just a little girl
What she has done is all that he’s going to withstand, and that’s it, he’s not going to take it anymore.
She doesn’t see the turmoil that he’s going through, all she cares about is her pain and trouble than his.
She’s telling lies to others, hiding it underneath her sweet face that can throw anyone else off.
For everything that she is, and that is dramatic and a liar.
With all of that, she is just a scared little girl, not wanting to face reality.
[Verse 2]
I never meant for you to feel this way
The Decembers were never meant to be our graves
It’s not a question of who was wrong and what is right
But time cannot heal what you will never recognize
Maybe he did something to cause they way she feels, or he didn’t try to help her in the past.
December symbolizes winter, winter symbolizes cold, and cold can mean death. Maybe it’s the death of their relationship.
She’s wanting to know which of them is wrong, but mainly she wants to be right. And maybe is knows that it is right to break up with her, and there’s no question about it.
She can’t begin to heal what she isn’t realizing what is wrong with them or her. And she probably won’t ever.
‘Cause all of this is all that I can take
And you could never understand the demons that I faced
So go ahead and bat your eyes lie right to the world
For what everything you are
You’re just a little girl
Repeat of above.
So go ahead and cry
So go ahead and believe that you were right
Keep away the dark to help you sleep tonight
She’s crying for him to not leave her, and he’s not caring.
Even with him leaving her, she’s still insisting she’s right on something.
She’s fighting off the thing that’s bothering her with the complaints and blaming. Not taking on the darkness that is caused by her.
Go on and decide
Who is wrong, what is right
‘Cause you know inside
She’s thinking it over and over, once he’s gone. And come to find out, she has always knew she was wrong all the long.
‘Cause all of this is all that I can take
And you could never understand the demons that I faced
So go ahead and bat your eyes and lie right to the world
For what everything you are…
Repeat of above
‘Cause all of this is all that I can take
And you could never understand the demons that I faced
So go ahead and bat your eyes and lie right to the world
For what everything you are
You’re just a little girl 
Repeat of above
Of course, when you’re sound tracking or searching for music that’ll fit your story, it’s not going to be exact and have everything you need in a song to display your story through the lyrics. For me, I mostly pick bits and pieces of a song, that relates to my story and focus on them mainly, while listening and writing.
Honestly, my interpretation of “Just A Little Girl” fits into one of my stories –“Time With Seleste-Grasped Fates.” Even though, it don’t really relate to what I explained above, in a sense. But I molded it into my story that has helped certain parts of my book.
Let me explain and give a little insight to it.
My MC Seleste, is out trying to justify her parent’s death. So she’s shutting out her friends, what family she has left, and her two love interests. One of her love interests, Darien, is trying make her realize she doesn’t have to be in it alone and that she doesn’t have to face all of her pain by herself. But at some point she has him in her past that had caused her pain and he’s feels slightly guilty when it isn’t his fault. So she kind of with draws herself from anyone she cares for, and mainly focuses on her getting justice for her parents and to stop the villains in the story on her own.
Darien comes to a point where he can barely take whatever she’s going through anymore. Making him agitated and adding more on top of his own problems. He’s sick of seeing her lying to herself and others that she can take care of herself and isn’t in pain anymore. On the inside she’s scared and she’s denying it endlessly. Then he starts thinking of her as a little girl who is trying to be brave and is determined to not be scared.
You see? You can mold a song into a story, even if it doesn’t really relate to your story. But you can find your plot in there somewhere, if you study it long enough. (^_^)
Indeed, this song is lovely, full of meaning, and has a nice imaginative background in the lyrics. It speaks a good visual through out the song. My favorite lyric is And you could never understand the demons that I faced This speaks truth. No one never knows the demons inside you that you have to face everyday. Unless that person is really willing to open up, and another person is ready to open up and listen to you. But honestly, no one can really, truly, understand your demons. You’re the only one that knows them inside and out. If it’s a family predicament, a relationship problem, or a physical appearance problem, it doesn’t manner what type of demon it is. Yes, someone can relate and understand on some type of level, but never completely understand like the way you do.
Anyways, that is my favorite lyric of the whole song, and it speaks to me the most through out it.
Comment below on what you think of my first post! You can say what particular lyric of this song speaks to you most (like mine for instance) or relates to that particular story you have in mind, and explain why and how. Or quote a totally different song that you find your story in. Or just about anything you’d like to have heard! Feel free! I would really like to hear your feedback! (^_^)
That’s it for now, fellow Escapists!

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