Classic Wednesday: Prince and the Pauper

Oh my goodness! It’s Wednesday! How did that happen? I don’t know what to do!

Just kidding. I’ve been planning for about a week so you get to watch me being weird. Literally. I have created the first vlog for the escapism project! 

I’m going to do a brief intro because, frankly, the one I did on the vlog was really bad.

Anyway, I’m Jenn. I like frogs and the color blue. Also top hats and wind. And short sentences, obviously. Also obviously, I’m kind of random. I think I’m pretty much summarized in my bio so check that out if you’re interested in the girl behind the vlog. Now, before I bore you to death I’m going to show you these lovely vlogs talking about the book I read this week.

Except I’m going to bore you real quick some more as I tell you what’s in the vlogs first, just so you’re not caught unawares.

The vlog is in three parts because it’s so long and YouTube decided to hate on videos longer than fifteen minutes. Part 1 is my intro which is really brief, part 2 is about the author of the book which is longish and part 3 is about the book which is the longest.

This will be how I do it each week except I won’t always do vlogs, unless you guys really really really like them. So yeah, feeback. Otherwise I will only do them occasionally because I don’t want to freak you guys out with extra random eye movements. (Yeah my eyes were all shifty, sorry about that. I’m innocent, promise!)

Okay, now I’ll really shut up and just shove this vlog at you. Enjoy (or not) but give feedback either way.

Note: I lied. It is not 400 pages including the notes, it’s 400 pages not including the notes. Get the one with notes anyway.
And, just because I had to do it for an assignment, a brief trailer. With lots of stuff that isn’t mine in it. I claim nothing of the video except for the compilation and the words. The clips are not mine, the pictures are not mine and the music is not mine. Other than that, enjoy. 

And finally, my rating.

I rate this book Laughing on the scale of living (which I’ll blog about or make a page about later, depending on what our lovely founder, Mariella, chooses to have me do.) Basically, this book is amazing. Go read it, right now.


P.S. Please forgive the video quality. This is not only my first vlog post on escapism but my first vlog period. Also, I have a sunburn. That’s why my face is red.


3 thoughts on “Classic Wednesday: Prince and the Pauper

  1. You've convinced me to read it, excellent review!I enjoyed the vlog part of it. Usually when I read book reviews, I get bored. The little quirks make it more interesting/easier to listen to. Something like that.

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