Power Outages and Other Adventures – Library Musings

I think every week is going to be interesting. Now that I’m getting used to things, it’s obvious that fate, or Mr. Murphy (creator of Murphy’s Law), or something, is really starting to rig things at the library.

The internet went out yesterday.

If you ever think that your internet outage is bad, imagine an internet outage at the library. Because the catalog is on the internet, it was hard to look things up. The computers were unavailable. None of the librarians could check books into the system (although they could check them out… phew).

Horror story – you’d think people thought being able to check out books without a library card was a right, not a, erm, privilege. That’s another can of worms though…

My second point for this week – if you ever feel like going into a library and walking through, shoving all the books (on shelves) against the wall, don’t do it. I promise I will come after you with burning tar, fluffy feathers, and a fencepost to ride you out of the library with. Especially if you go behind me and my straightening, doing this deed. Just a warning to you…

I have officially brought home enough books to sink a battleship. As soon as I finish typing this, I’ll start in on them. For a glance at my reading list (in pictures), check out the post on my personal blog here.

Have a fantastic week, everyone! Remember, it’s okay to use your local library, but it’s not okay to misuse your local library. Or else the page might have to do something drastic…



3 thoughts on “Power Outages and Other Adventures – Library Musings

  1. I can very easily relate to all of this, as I volunteered at the library for about 6 months last year. Often I would straighten books and have people come up, take the books off, glance them over, and then shove them back on very sloppily…and I'd have to straighten all over again. Very frustrating. If everyone was just a little more organized and mindful of other peoples' property, the world might be a better place.:-)

  2. That kind of surprises me as a library is almost like a church to me. I always place the books back on exactly where I find them and I often will fix books as I walk along. And I've never worked in a library before :D (I've tried, sadly, but all the libraries near where I live are too small to need help.)

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