Harry Potter, Vampire Diaries, Twilight.

G’day, Escapists! My name is Tegan, I’m Australian (duh) and I shall be one of your bloggers today.  This is my first time group blogging so be gentle. Seriously. I bruise easily. (Get the Natasha Bedingfield reference? Anybody?)

Now, take a look at my title. Wonder why on Earth I used the names of three books to sum up my blog post. I’ll give you a couple of minutes.

Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock,  RIIINNNG. Time’s up.

So, what do all these books have in common? Each of these books has been made into a movie (or TV show).

“Ugh! Books turned movie? Don’t get me started.

Hold up.

I know that all you Escapists like reading. Love it, even. I mean, this blog is kind of about writing, and reading is the first step to writing, no matter who you are or what you like.  And the idea of having one of your favourite books, the book you never tire of reading, the book that sits highest on your bookshelf and has a creased spine from being read so many times, being turned, converted, changed into a movie is Pretty Damn Scary.

So many things can go wrong! They’ll change the plot, cut characters, and change appearances (Elena was supposed to be blonde. Blonde, I tell you!). They’ll choose bad actors, directors, producers and set the movie/TV show in a totally different country then where it’s meant to be. 

Sometimes they’re awful, and sometimes they’re fantastic. 

Do you go see the movie and risk having this book possible ruined for you, or do you go and hope it can live up to its very high expectations?

I, personally, have had a book ruined for me by a movie. Bridge to Terabithia had been my favourite book since I was six. SIX. I saw the movie when I was twelve. I was so gosh darn excited that I dragged my other BtT fan/friend and we shook with anticipation as we waited for the ads to end and the movie to begin.

By the end of the movie, everyone around us was in tears and myself and Lisa (the friend) were looking at them like “You’re kidding me.” Lisa’s mum had a handkerchief and everything. We couldn’t BELIEVE how bad it was, how it was so different from what we both had envisioned.

I couldn’t read the book without picturing those actors with their voices. Soon, I just didn’t read it.

Kind of dramatic, yeah. But it was disappointing.

And then there’s those movies/TV shows that are still all right, but nothing like the original. The Vampire Diaries, for an example. It’s so unbelievably different from the books. The plots been changed quite a bit and so have the characters. Even L.J. Smith said they didn’t go with the books.

But there are some book-movies that have lived up to their expectations. Harry Potter is the most well known. Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief. Tomorrow When The War Began (LOVE LOVE LOVE) and many more.

  (It even LOOKS awesome)

The thing is, book-movies are risky. There’s never a guarantee that you’ll like it, or that it’ll live up to your expectations.

But, even if it doesn’t, you might as well try. In any case, it’s a way to see your favourite book through someone else’s eyes, and it’s okay to think that they’ve got eyes worse than Helen Keller (bad joke, sorry).  But it could be wonderful, fantastic, extraordinary like Tomorrow When The War Began which is set in Australia and, thank God, filmed there too with all Aussie actors. Sometimes, they get it all right.
Here’s a list of books that are in the works to becoming movies. There’s probably more, I know there’s more, but I can’t remember them. Leave a comment if there’s one you know I haven’t listed and I’ll add it on. This is not including sequels to other book-movies.

1.     1.   Fallen by Lauren Kate. Taken on by Disney.
2.       2. The Secret Circle Series by L.J. Smith. TV show.
3.       3. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (this looks really good already). Movies. Still deciding (I think) on whether to have 3 or 4 movies.
4.       4. The Host by Stephanie Meyer (the book’s much better than Twilight, btw)
5.       5.  Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare (thanks for reminding me, Mariella!)

Anyway, that was a long post (for me). Hope it wasn’t too boring for ya, and my apologies if it was!
Next time, I’ll add more pictures, I SWEAR.

Over and out, cobber ;)

7 thoughts on “Harry Potter, Vampire Diaries, Twilight.

  1. Here's my thoughts on the subject. :DHonestly, I like book to movies either way. Because I know it would be hard to display a whole book on screen when you're limited on time with how long the movie is going to be. They're not going to be a like in any which way. It's just not possible. That's why when a book to movie comes along, I'm not dissapointed, because I keep thinkin about these facts.Also, I'm a person interested in directing and making movies, so I kind of have to know the deats. ^_^ And of course I'm a writer. :DI LOVE Vampire Diaries the TV show more than I do the books. I'm glad Elena isn't a blonde and the way she is in the book. The book Elena got on my last nerve.LOL But I still like the books! ^_^And I love all the books to movies. I think they did well, considering they have like five hundred paged books to turn into a movie with.And plus I have no beef with them, because the author, the creator of those worlds aren't dissapointed or disgusted with the finishing of product. Really, their opinion is what counts, when you come down to it. It's their babies. :D lolSo this is how I look at books to movies. ^_^This was an AWESOME post! ^_^ Nice pick of subject and got to the point! LOVED IT!! ^_^WOOHHOO Go Tegan! <3

  2. Yeah. That's part of why I think some of them are so disappointing. There's not enough time to fit in everything so they have to cut some good parts, which is a bummer. Ooh, really? That's cool. I don't think I'd be very good at directing. I'd be too bossy o_oI've only seen the first three episodes and I still like it a lot, but I wanted Margaret, Elena's little sister, as well as Meredith in the movie too. But I guess that'd be a character overload for a TV series. haha, yeah, she's pretty vain. I didn't like her much, but it was enough. My favourite was always Bonnie :DI just get so disappointed with some of them. Maybe it's because there's so many good ones out there that have done a brilliant job with them that the ones that haven't been done as well are just more disappointing. True, true :D Interesting.Thanks :D I'm glad it wasn't a major fail! o_oYAY ME! XD

  3. This is super interesting and I'm crossing my fingers that The Hunger Games movie will be as good as the book. I'm just wondering… Did you read Percy Jackson before watching the movie? Because my brother and I read all the books (several times apiece) and watched the movie aghast. We hated it. Where was Clarisse? Why was Grover no longer red-headed? We knew that if we'd never read the books it would have been an awesome movie but… Reading the books had totally ruined the movie. Won't ruin the books though :) Because I can easily slip back to the first time I read them and imagine them the exact same. Okay, I'm done ranting about the horrible job they did on Percy Jackson.I've never even read Tomorrow When the War began but I think I shall check it out :) Along with the movie.

  4. The Hunger Games is gonna be okay, I think. I'm a little worried about The Mortal Instruments movie, though. If they mess it up, I think I'll cry.@Jenn, I'd read the first book like over a year before watching the movie and I understood the movie and liked it. I liked the movie better than the book, in fact. It seems like the Percy Jackson books are kinda messy, like they're throwing stuff in so you don't know what to focus on. I found the movie easier to follow.Thanks for this, Tegan!! It was awesome. :)

  5. Jenn: They've got an awesome cast for the Hunger Games. A lot of the actors a pretty well known (the guy from Bride to Terabithia is playing Peeta, but he was good in BtT so he'll be fine) and Liam Hemsworth is Gale.Uh, no, I didn't read the books before the movie. I think I started the first one though, but I had books overdue at the library so I had to put it back. Then I guess I forgot. Quite a few of my friends thought the movie did it justice, but it probably wasn't smart for me to say it was a good book-movie unless I've seen both. Sorry! I'll put it on my reading list :)It's a pretty famous series (at least I think it is) and it's all Australian :D So is the movie. It's about a group of teenagers who go camping and while they're out in the wilderness, a country declares war on Australia. It's epic. I think it's the best book-movie I've ever seen.Mariella: I'm a bit iffy about the guy who plays Jace. I'm more keen to see The Hunger Games, especially seeing as the current release date is my birthday!No problem, and thanks! :)

  6. Yes :) I was actually super excited about the cast until I saw who was cast for Ceena and Katniss and Peeta's Mentor. Those ones really disappointed me. So I'm just crossing my fingers that the rest of the cast will more than make up for them. Aw, I see. I was wondering if I totally missed something in the book. I do know people who have not read the books and loved the movie but not both. I do suggest that you read the books. They were amazing. Although I haven't read them in a few years, I loved them so much when I did read them.And they sound awesome. I like books set in Australia as Australia is my second favorite country. (Honestly! I'm not sucking up or anything lol) I'll check my libraries for them.

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