Fiction Pet Peeves?

I have decided to pop in because I have a question for you.

What are your fiction pet peeves?

Everyone is looking for something different when they read.  Some people crave non-stop action, while others (like me), adore characters who go on philosophical cruisades from time to time.

By the same token, everyone has something different that they absolutely hate to see in a book.

For example, I refuse to pick up an animal-centered book where the critter dies in the end.  In my eyes, such a book is a waste of time.  (Why do people keep writing books like this?  Don’t we already have enough of them in the world?  What is the point??  I lost my own flesh-and-blood dog a few days ago, and it was NOT FUN.  Why would I want to read about something that is no fun, if that’s how the book’s going to end?  OK, you get the point, I’ll move on now.)

Another thing that irritates me is when I get halfway through the book and discover, to my complete shock, that the main character is blonde.

(Because in my world, all characters are brunette until proven otherwise.)

(No offense to all the blondes here.  Being naturally blonde is a whole lot rarer than being naturally brunette.  So y’all are rare and special.)

This happened when I read Inkheart.  We didn’t learn Meggie’s haircolor until more than halfway through.  And I couldn’t believe it.  It wasn’t until I saw the movie that I could even begin to see Meggie as a blonde.

Writers, for my sake, please: I don’t even need to know eye color up front.  But hair color is a must.  Even just tell me if it’s light or dark.

But enough about me.

What bugs you in fiction?


4 thoughts on “Fiction Pet Peeves?

  1. My fiction pet peeves are:Love stories that get you excited and fangirlish but let you down.When a writing style, for some reason or other, cannot support the story they're narrating.When authors take angels out of context. >.> I know that with fiction you can make up a story, but PLEASE, be careful with how you talk about the Archangels. *looks at the Blue Bloods series*The cliche high school setting.When an author is insensitive to religion. I don't want to give readers any reason to dislike my books, especially regarding a topic as personal as that.Train-wreck endings. (I could write a blog post on those…)The list could go on.

  2. Pet peeves:Authors that tell a lot in first person, present tense. Like Matched by Ally Condie.It's pretty unavoidable,and it's not really a pet peeve, but stories that are mainly set in an American cliche high school with a cafeteria and massive lockers and a hierarchy.Books that have romance as the main plot. I can't STAND those. Romance can be just a subplot, unlike going back in time to save the world from a rabid mouse or something creative. Books that don't describe that first kiss. All that build up for "He kissed me. It was sweet." It makes me rage like a bush fire. I feel the EXACT SAME WAY about blondes that I assume are brunette. I thought Meggie in Inkheart was blonde, too.Great post!

  3. Awww! I feel special now (I am naturally blond). Meggie is a BLOND? How did I miss that? I must have just denied that fact and went through the series picturing her as brunette. My Fiction Pet Peves are…When an author writes a sequel for the money. If it doesn't absolutely need a sequel I don't think one should be written. The sequel is NEVER as good as the original book. End of story. When an author uses unbelievable names. If you're going to make up a name, make it believable. Don't use a million sylables and z/y/x. That's just me being picky. When the author does something that's way too overdone. I like originality. That's all I have right now. Tata!

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