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Greetings, this week’s PRESS PLAY is about a passing angel. "She’s Goin’ Places"

Greetings, Escapists


The blog this week is in honor for a passing angel, that was only in our world for two years, and left us tragically. Caylee Marie Anthony. A sweet baby girl that died June 16th, 2008. A little girl that died way too soon, but is now in a better place, than we are right now. She’s in the presence of pure, unconditional love, that no one can comprehend. She can play all she wants, be free, and happy. That is where this sweet, baby, Caylee is.

 I am not here to leer at anyone in particular for the murder of baby Caylee. For whosoever that killed this baby girl, I hope they hear this song constantly. It’s beautiful and heart warming. I don’t see how no one would not love this song, or not even shed a tear. I cried so hard listening to this song and read the lyrics made it even worse on me.

For those like me, have watched these past years, of the coverage of Caylee’s murder. The only suspect of her murdered, in being her mother, Casey, was recently given her final verdict of being found not guilty. Many are upset about this, even some had made a game out of that trial. Did they forget that a baby girl died? The one that made bets? I know of a few that made this a joking manner and it’s really upsets me to a point I want to cry my eyes out.

I have grown to love this little girl, like she’s my own daughter. I would have taken her in a second if I had the chance to take her. I wouldn’t care if I had to work five jobs to support her. At the time I was sixteen and I still would have done it! Even though, now that she is gone, I love that little girl so much, that it hurts. If it hurts me this bad, I can’t imagine what pain her loved ones, whoever they are, are going through.
For due respect to the non-religious readers, I have posted my strictly religious paragraph of this post on my personal blog HERE.

I felt that I should dedicate my Tuesday PRESS PLAY to Caylee and her song that Rascal Flatts wrote and sung for her. This song debuted Friday on Nancy Grace, it was interrupted where she started to choke up on her own tears. I don’t blame her. I choked up on the first five to fifteen seconds of this song and I was balling by the end. Every time I think or hear this song, I want to break down.
Anyways, I know they made a little mistake when it came to “barely two years old” (she was almost three years old), but it doesn’t take anything away from it. It’s beautiful and full of meaning, making a numb heart full of emotions. And plus it explains where she is now, just beautifully.
I don’t have to explain what this song means or how it can inspire you. I just want to bring this lovely song to you guys’ attention. I will put my thoughts after each section.


“She’s Goin’ Places” by Rascal Flatts (Caylee’s Song)

She was just a baby, barely two years old
A story that shouldn’t have to be told
See that little girl with big brown eyes
Stole our hearts and touched our lives
Now we cry, ’cause we can’t understand

She was way to young to die, even though she is in a better place.
She was probably taken so she wouldn’t have to suffer anymore.
This tragic story should never have been told. Her story should be told at how she’s living and being a happy little girl. But no, her story is being told by her death.
Those pictures of those big brown eyes are always in my mind when I think of her. So beautiful.
She stole my heart, even though I fought my emotions back for a long time. But she made it through my barrier and my heart is shattered, where she is gone.
I don’t understand how anyone could hurt that baby girl!

You see she wanted to learn to play guitar,
Be a ballerina or movie star
She could’ve gone so far
She loved music, you could tell by her singing “My Only Sunshine”
She looked like she could tackle anything she wanted to do. Even dancing.
She would have done great in everything.

She can be anything that she wants to
She can ride her bike every afternoon
She can laugh and play
With her dolls and games
Just like all little girls should get to do
Too young for her life to be taken
She’s going places
She can now do anything she wants.
I can hear her laugh and see those pretty smiles of her. I feel that I know this little girl, I think a lot of people do.
She didn’t get the chance to do much here, but she will now.
She was indeed too young, but her story has opened our hearts wide open, and reawakened us with the reality of life. And that is where she went with places, she placed inside of all of our hearts.
She is in many places!

I bet she’d spend her time skipping rope
Drawing rainbows on streets that are paved with gold
Get to ride a big wheel jumping curbs
In a parking lot of a great big church
And I wish I could see it all
I can see her on the streets with her little rope in hand, skipping, smiling, laughing, and just being happier than ever she could ever be.
I can see her taking chalk in her little fragile hands, drawing many colored rainbows up and down the walk way. Leaving her mark that everyone would love to see.
I’m imagining her on a little bike, riding in a church parking lot so vividly, that I can picture her being in my own church’s parking lot.
I do wish I could see it all in person.

But her memory will live on right here
Till I get over there
And see her again
She’s living in my mind right now, she has been non-stop all night.
I can’t wait to get there.
I want to see and hug her so badly right now. I’m probably not the only one.

She can be anything that she wants to
She can ride her bike every afternoon
She can laugh and play in those backyard games
Just like all little girls should get to do
Too young for her life to be taken
She’s going places
I can still see the same beautiful image above. I could keep it in my mind at all times.

She can play kickball
Go swim and see-saw
Just like all little girls should get to do
I’m smiling at how she probably would kick the ball and probably fall back on her butt from missing it the first time.
She loved to swim, I could see that on her face in those pictures.
She’s doing them now, without any worries or fears of what could happen.

We will sing sweet Caylee’s praises
She’s safe in the arms of God’s good graces
She’s going places
She’s singing “My Only Sunshine” right now!
This is my favorite verse of the whole song.
I can see her very clearing in Jesus’s arms right now, she’s hugging onto him like she did her Great Grandpa. It’s a beautiful sight, even if it’s only my imagination.
She has went many places. She is in every heart she has touched and that means, she has traveled far and wide.
Caylee has gone places.
I barely made it through writing this. I was tearing up the whole way through. This is such a touchy subject for me. I can’t help but imagine my nephews, which one is Caylee’s age—well what she would be now, and I don’t know what I would do if something happened to one of them. If this little girl I have not even met face to face before hurts me so badly, I can’t even fathom what—I can’t okay. I know I’m not the only one feeling like this.
I had to dedicate my time and blog post to Caylee and her song. Her memory needs to be spread and never forgotten. And this is a dark time for justice on earth. Her murderer not brought to justice, whoever that is. But no matter what, there will be justice done. One way or another, it will.
My apologies for that my post isn’t really writing or reading subjected this week. Although, the writing of this song is well written and displayed that you can picture every bit of it with clarity. That’s some good writing skills, whoever that wrote this. They know how to throw the tear jerking words out. It takes a lot for a song to make me cry and this one is a bawler. I can cry just about every time I hear it.

Take a listen and remember this passing Angel.


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