The Scale of Living: Jenn’s Rating System

Howdy Escapists! I’d like to introduce you to something called the Scale of Living, or the Living Scale. I don’t remember who had the idea but I do know that one day before this blog had actually started I was talking to Mariella about it. Within an hour we had a roughish draft of it. It’s drastically different now but the backbone has remained the same. It’s basically a list of how you can rate books on how much you can live in them. This is the rating list that I will use when I do my Classic Wednesdays. I also will include a picture for each one so that I can have the picture of whatever I rate it at the top of each post. So the list with the pictures and a slight description: 
1. Zombie
Obviously, this is the worst. The very, very, very worst. I doubt I will read a book this bad but if I do, don’t read it as well. It won’t be worth it. 
2. Dead
This is bad also but not as bad as zombie. Don’t read it unless this type of book tickles your fancy. I probably won’t read one of these books either.
3. Unconscious
This is also bad but it’s a kind of mind numbing bad. A book that makes you want to just not be awake. 
4. Delirious 
Imagine if there is a drunk writer who doesn’t know what is up or down. This is probably the type of book they would write. At the worst it will leave you totally befuddled, at the best it will leave you miffed.
5. Broken 
Likely, you’ll want to give this book a chance despite its rating if this is your type of book. It’s really only my opinion that this book is bad and it’s probably not that bad to begin with, just not good. 
6. Healing
Finally we’re getting to the books that are actually good. This will be the type of book that is okay. It’s alright. It might leave you with a bitter taste but it won’t be too rough of a ride. 
7. Blooming
A book that is blooming will be kind of like a diamond in the rough. A good plot and maybe even  good writing but just too bumpy or too complicated to be much better than blooming. 
8. Dancing
I highly suggest this book. It’s smooth, flows well and is just beautiful. There might be one or two things I didn’t like about it that made it this low. 
9. Floating
Even better than dancing. You better read this book. 
10. Alive
Definitely read this book.  There was nothing wrong with it. It was flawless, smooth and flowing. It’s the kind of book you can step in and live. It’s doubtful that there will be a book this good.
So that is how I will rate books. I hope it makes it more interesting than a normal rating system. Plus the pictures make it a little more fun to look at.

P.S. All these photos made by me, brushes from http://www.obsidiandawn.com/ and other places. Comment if you want the links.


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