Kristia S.

General Updates And Fairy Wings

Hello Escapists! Mariella here!

I hope you enjoyed our Press Play Tuesday and Classic Wednesday blog posts. We remember a lost angel, Caylee Anthony, and after that we dig out a treasured book that obviously is a great choice for escapism–The Secret Garden.

I still can’t think of a common theme for my own segment. I, as a mod, seem to just pop up whenever there’s a general update due. And guess what? It’s time for a general update!

  • I know it’s still pretty early in July, but I think you should all know that–since we’re cool and all–The Escapism Project is changing themes every month, like a magazine that switches covers with each new issue. If you’ve got an idea for the August theme, or want to help out with a theme for any other month, comment here or email me. I can’t guarantee we’ll use your theme immediately; we need a theme that fits August. I’m going to be picky about this, too. If none of the volunteered themes work for August, we’ll put them off for another month that they suit better. Thank you to any volunteers!
  • If you haven’t read Jenn’s blog post about her original and incredibly epic rating system, The Scale of Living, check it out right now!
  • We need more book reviews to pour in! You don’t need to ask to submit a review, either–just submit it!
  • Since our poll showed that many of our readers would indeed participate in the fairy wings contest, we’re going to go ahead and plan it out now, and settle on an appropriate date to kick it off. Thank you all for voting! Your opinion is much appreciated.
  • Our inkpop page is getting lonely. This week we’re going to update it and let you know exactly what it’s for and how we’re going to use it. Also, we’re going to work on a calendar-type page, where we talk about our full-time bloggers and what they blog about each day. That way, it’ll be easier to know when is when.
That’s it for now! Happy reading! :)

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