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Netgalley, Affinities Requests, and My Writing Out of My Comfort Zone

This is something I played around with. ^-^ Nothing serious.
You’ll read what this is about below.

Hello there, ESCAPISTS!

How are you? What are you writing as of now? ^_^

I’m doing a random post, because I feel like it. And I feel that I should do something else, other than the reviews and my PRESS PLAY column for once.

Alright, guys, I’ve just recently came upon a website called It’s a website where you can request a advance reading eReads from publishers. Of course, you have to be approved of a download. In order for this, you’ll receive an email of alert that you have been approved to read it. Some have had the privilege to read Jullie Kagawa’s new Iron Fey book “Iron Knights”. (Which I’m trying to get my eager hands on.) NetGalley aims for people that are approved to read these lucky advance reads, is for you to review the book after you’re done reading. They say you don’t necessarily, but I would, just to be nice and give something back to them. ^_^ The publishers takes your word seriously, or they wouldn’t post the books on this site to begin with.

However, if you’re lucky, you do run into some books that you don’t need to get approved of reading. Like I did the other day for,  “Random Thoughts, Get Real with God, Others, and Yourself”. That is a rare occasion. ^_^

I really recommend anyone who would like the slight possibility of getting hold of a eRead ARC of an anticipated book that gets released later in the year, to go to this site and sign up! It’s really awesome!

Also, as you can see over here -> at the top of our gadgets. You’ll see my little sparkly button (or as I like to call them clicky clickies, lol), and when you click on the button you go to my personal blog.

We are now requesting and taking requests to be affinities (friends, supporters, and/or allies) to your blog or website. All we have to do is exchange button codes and agreements on we follow your blog and you follow ours, then we’re promoting each other! Whoever reads your blog might take an interest in our button on your page, or whoever that reads our blog may take an interest in your blog button and visit your page! Simple enough, eh?

Just email, comment, or tweet us!

Also, plus, you get to show off your graphic design talent! And if you don’t know how to make one (or just feels like you suck at it), send in an request to me and I’ll make you one! Just email me here . I’ll most likely shrink or use some of the elements in your blog banner, like I did with mine. It’s something quick and easy to do. ^_^

You can grab our code below, where our buttons are displayed.

Okay, I’m going to tell you guys about my novel that is totally out of my comfort zone of fantasy, science fiction, and supernatural. Due to previous posts from other contributors. I felt like I should address mine as well. ^_^

Yeah, I know this girl is an actress.
This is a temporary book cover. ^_^

Book: General Fiction, Romance, Humor.

Tagline: A teenaged niece, will play a match maker for her three hott, single unclesLet the love game begin!

When Danielle and her baby brother, Eli, are orphaned. Their three attractive, single uncles will step up to the plate of being their guardians.

The three will bring love and completion to Danielle’s home once again. And perhaps little bit of laughs with the three trying to change a one-year-old ornery boy, who likes to urinate on people for a chuckle.

Meanwhile, Danielle wallows in misery of losing her parents— however, until Danielle’s uncles pressures her to socialize with local teens in their new town.

Big no-no.

Determined to get her uncles off her back and out of her business. She begins her little match making game to find them soul mates, and to keep them busy.
But Danielle’s social life suddenly becomes a little bit flirty when she meets some local boys. Danielle starts to think a social life might not be so bad.

Then things get more complicated… someone steals her diary.
What will they do with it?

         Will Danielle find her uncle’s soul mates?
         Most importantly, will her uncle’s learn to properly change a diaper and manage to not get peed on?

The genres of humor and general fiction. Now the romance isn’t something that’s out of my comfort zone, I’m all about the romance. ^-^ However, the comedy and general fiction is what is out of my comfort zone. I’m used to the supernatural and fantasy, because you can’t really do wrong with them, you can do just about anything to be accepted in those genres. But for general fiction, it makes my tummy get nervous. Because of how the rules of the world limits you, kind of… And there are some things I don’t know…like legal custody battles.

Let me explain here. The three uncles, Arty, Shane and Cole, are fighting for custody over the baby Eli, who really isn’t their nephew by blood. Well, they were named the guardians of him and my MC Danielle, through their mom’s will. Not just one of them, all three of them are addressed as their guardians, it has to be all three of them. And Leann knows what she was doing with her will. No one can question her. But Colleen does… Now the baby’s grandmother, Colleen, who isn’t blood related to Danielle or the uncles, is contesting the will, so she can gain custody over the baby. Where she thinks that she’s the better canidate to have her grandson. And to the heck with Danielle, she doesn’t care if Dani goes to an orphanage for all she cares. Because Dani is a “bad delinquent” and she doesn’t want her influence around her grandson.

You see here…I don’t know really how a lawyer could approach this or even if it’s a actual legal approach, if there is even a legal approach! :/

      This is a book is so out of my comfort zone. If it was supernatural, I can possibly zap Colleen and the law, saying that the baby is Danielle’s and no ones else’s. Lol.
      Also, I don’t know how well this is going to go with me doing comedy. I really don’t know if I can be funny with my writing. I’ve never attempted it before.

      However, I really do recommend going out of your comfort zone. You get to explore unearthed territory, that’s unpredictable and fun! It can get boring to stick within your comfort zone, or you could wear out your favorite genre and you don’t want even to write anymore on it. Do you want that? I know I don’t. So it’s healthy to switch it up and keep it fresh.

I’m having fun plotting out this book and my grabby hands wants to get started writing! It’s exciting! I can’t wait to approach these attractive uncles taking on a baby boy, which they have never had any experience with babies whatsoever before. ^_^ While Danielle is at school, going to work, after school stuff, and being busy trying to find her uncles some girlfriends. I cannot wait to write a scene or two when the baby boy pees right in their faces or on a very important office file. O_o

So what’s your comfort zone? And what isn’t?

Feel free to give some feedback. We all look forward to those little comments below. ^_^ It keeps our blogging world go round.


One thought on “Netgalley, Affinities Requests, and My Writing Out of My Comfort Zone

  1. Kristia! It means a lot to see you have read my posts about comfort zones. Love this post…the books sounds interesting! YOU GO GIRL!! You can do this.- s

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