Alexia’s Adventures in Characterization, Week Three

When in Doubt Try Pokemon

(Sorry for the late post this week. I’m a little under the weather)
                So let’s say you have yourself a story.  Solid plot, good setting and the bare bones of a character. While this is enough to get you started the bare bones won’t keep you fueled for long. So what do you do next?
                Throw your character into Pokémon.
                Okay, I can see the hypothetical looks you’re all giving me now. What? How is that supposed to help me Alexia? Are you sure being sick isn’t messing with your head? While that last question may be up for debate it really will help you.  No, not throwing your character into Pokémon will help you but throwing them into a situation that will never show up in your book. Why?
                Doing that will give you so much insight on how your character acts and other details you would never think of otherwise.
                I’ll give an example. Say I decide to throw my character Morgan into Pokémon.  If I really think how she would live being in that world, I can figure out she would be a trainer because she likes a good fight, but not a very patient one since she has a short fuse. I can assume she would go for fire types since she’s fond of things that pack a punch.
                Just from that train of thought I figured out Morgan tends to like getting into friendly fights, would make a horrible teacher or coach of any kind and isn’t fond of weapons like stones since they do such little damage to zombies unlike her shot gun.
                A lot of information for such a small train of thought.  It doesn’t even have to be Pokémon; you can throw your character into anything. Make a list of situations and you’ll know you have a great character when you can answer what would happen without a pause. Here’s an example.
Rock Star- Morgan would try to keep up an alias of sorts because she hates attention. That and she would surely have some sort of fireworks display.
Woke up Male- Freak out and wonder if that meant she was now straight.
Could only speak Spanish- Try to find someone who could translate since she never took a foreign language. She would find that she could re-learn English rather quick since unknown to her she has a knack for other languages.
Was a dragon- Would try to see how many sheep she could catch in one fire blast.
Those are very general examples. But all of them are incredibly entertaining and useful. So find yourself at a character road block? Throw your cast into your favorite tv show and see what happens. You’ll be surprised what happens.
After all I was thrown a bit off guard when I relized Morgan would be best friends with Kurt on Glee.

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