The Giant Shelving List – Library Musings

You know, when a little kid starts messing up books on your cart it’s kind of cute. When a little tiny toddler starts pulling an empty cart away with her, you run after her in eternal fear of a kid-pulling-cart-over-on-self accident.
Hey, you know. Kid + safety = how I roll. *runs after cart for fear of books getting hurt.
I’m such a caring page.

I’m also really late with this post. But hey, it happens. Just so you all know, I haven’t gotten through any of those books yet. I worked all last week, which made my life kind of insane.
I have officially decided which books are the hardest, easiest, and weirdest to shelve.
Announcing… Amanda’s shelving list.
Fiction. Cool, as long as I can get through it in a half an hour.
Nonfiction. Interesting, sometimes quite messy, and WHY THE HECK DO PEOPLE HAVE TO COOK WITH 20 POUND COOKBOOKS?
Romance paperbacks. Hence the weird factor – please spare me from shelving them. Please.
Juvenile Fiction. Cool enough. Kids, PLEASE stop pushing the books against the wall!
Elementary… aka picture books… aka, spare me. Please. Disappear, do something. I don’t want to shelve you. *librarian brings over more* NOOOO. SPARE ME!!!
Young Adult. Ohh, let’s see how many books I can get out of the library today!!
What is your favorite section to shelve for the page… Oh, wait *cough* ummm, find books in? 

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