Classic Wednesday: The Lord of The Flies

Woo hoo! It’s Classic Wednesday! I’m sure you noticed two things already: 1. That I’ve read The Lord of the Flies and 2. That I rated it six on the Scale of Living. Why? You’ll just have to watch the vlogs first mwhaha!

A bit of good news though. This is my shortest vlog yet! If you’re like me, you probably like massively long vlogs as much as you like massively long blog posts. Not very much at all. So I didn’t make a massively long vlog, it’s rather short. However, I still need to have an even shorter disclaimer first.

Disclaimer: My sister recorded this for me. This is why the top of my head is chopped off during part of the video. It’s also why I randomly smile at times. That was actually the funnest vlog I’ve recorded so far. We had to start over about five times because we kept laughing. So now this disclaimer is going to be longer than the vlogs if I don’t shut up. Haha. So I will shut up and just give you the vlogs. No introducing pictures this time, though, sorry. Finals are a pain. Enjoy!

 The Author: William Golding
The Book: The Lord of the Flies

Conclusion: Don’t read the book if you are like me. Do if you’re not. Which is basically what I said in the video. Anywho, the end. If you read the book, let me know your thoughts!



P.S. Feedback is much appreciated.


5 thoughts on “Classic Wednesday: The Lord of The Flies

  1. I started reading that book but stopped. Yeah, definitely not my favorite from what I read. It seems most books about survival and stuff wind up being yuck. Except the GONE series by Michael Grant, but that's a modern-day survival, I guess, so it's different. Well, I definitely won't give it another try, then :)

  2. It's nice to know ahead of time that you shouldn't read this book for the story. I put it on my to-read list for three reasons: 1) I want to have more classics under my belt, 2) I want to study the writing style and the themes behind the work, and 3) It's short, so even if I absolutely hate it, it won't last that long.

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