Childrens’ Books and Cupcakes – Library Musings

Good evening, readers. I’ve been enjoying my weekend – have you? It was awesome not working yesterday. To celebrate, I made cupcakes (today).
Yum. Are you jealous? I know I would be if I were you.

I have decided, this week, that my worst enemy on the carts is the innumerable amounts of childrens’ picture books. They still take me forever (which, when you’re shelving books, efficiency is everything).

Secondly – I would like to point out that a page is not a librarian. I can’t check you out. I could probably show you where certain books are, but that would definitely detract from my efficiency level in shelving books.

So, tonight, I will finish celebrating, and prepare to go shelve more childrens’ books tomorrow. What are you doing tomorrow? :)

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