Classic Wednesday: Calling All Commenters

This time, I did not review a book. Yes, shame shame on me. Sorry? But I do have a vlog! And I am really weird in it… Weirder than normal. So hopefully that amuses you enough. If it doesn’t, here is a picture of a tree I took a couple of winters ago.

There. Makes you appreciate summer, huh? Anyway, now I’ll shut up about not reading a book and just show you the blog.

With another notice announcement thing first, of course.

Notice announcement thing: This video sucks. The quality, at least. Because even though I hate macs, iMovie is pretty much better than Windows Movie Maker if you don’t have the updated version. Which I don’t because I still stubbornly have Windows XP. So basically: I’m at our other farm so I don’t have my mom’s mac and so I didn’t use iMovie so the quality is probably noticeably worse. Yeah… Sorry. Try to enjoy it anyway. Please?

Ta-da! It’s a vlog. And a post. On a Wednesday. There.



P.S. I’m super sorry for not getting the rest of your sigs done. Sooo sorry! I really will get those done. I promise. I blame finals for that as well. Hopefully I will have them done this week. Thanks for being patient!


2 thoughts on “Classic Wednesday: Calling All Commenters

  1. Haha! "Mariella beat me to it"You mean The Hunchback of Notre Dame?I think that the review on The Secret Garden was about three points overenthusiastic. I mean, I liked it but it wasn't like, TOP OF THE LIVING SCALE brilliant. Not many books make it up there, come to think of it. But that's the only book you've reviewed so far that I actually read sooo…You should review Wuthering Heights because it's one of my favorite books :)

  2. XDYes! That's exactly the book I meant.Well, to me it was that brilliant :) But then the first time I read it was the right time to read it :D It's a different sort of book, more for children than teens. And I love that book as well! I actually own it and I have been planning to read it a third time in order to review it :) Thanks for the reminder! I'll get to that soon.

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