Kristia S.


Hello, Escapists.

I know I promised doubling up on my music post this week. But I have no more time for a second one. :/ This week is Bible school for me, and I’m the photographer. ^_^ So I don’t have much time to write a post.

So I’m going to give you guys a short song review.

“Inner Strength”

by Hilary Duff

Gotta find your inner strength

If you can’t just throw life away

I picture this girl going through some type of turmoil. Could be a divorce, a break up, maybe, perhaps, a death. If this girl can’t find the strength inside herself, she may just have to give up completely. She has to depend on herself to bring herself through some things in life.

Gotta learn to rely on you

Beauty, strength, and wisdom too

She’s probably feeling that she can’t rely on anyone, because they have all let her down at some point. She’s probably got a self esteemed problem as well, with doubting herself.

You’re beautiful inside and out

Lead a great life without a doubt

This is pretty much self explanatory.

Don’t need a man to make things fair

Cause’ more than likely he won’t be there

Right here, pretty much states it’s a break up or divorce. Some guy has betrayed her somehow, or she’s telling this to a friend or her mom. The guy has most likely left and isn’t going to come back. Or he’s just not a reliable person at all.

Listen girl you gotta know it’s true

In the end all you’ve got is you
Which this is true in a sense.

I can see this song inspiring a character or a story for the matter. Where a girl is having problems in trusting in herself or a guy. Like she has had bad relationships or her dad cheated on her mom…ect. It can help the story along with its poetic context.

This song has always been a favorite of mine. I can recall the lyrics by memory very easily. Probably because it’s short and sweet. :) It’s such a poetic song, with perfect words to describe a certain subject. Hilary knew how to write it, that’s all I have to say.

Maybe this song can inspire you in someway. I know it has me.


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