Here Syd Adds More Contest Details & Shares a Poem.

Shalom, Escapists!

Mariella and I have decided that THE DEADLINE FOR CONTEST SUBMISSIONS IS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 3. The winners will be announced Friday the 30.

**If you do not know the contest of which I speak, please view the video with the goofy-looking blonde chick on the top of the sidebar.

What will count you points in the judging round:
– level of variance from your usual genre
– number of keywords used (For keywords, watch the video on the sidebar)
– depth
– vocabulary
– creativity
– plot

A few of those were a given, but I just wanted to make it clear.

What will count OFF:
– typos…BIG TIME DEDUCTION OF POINTS. You have over a MONTH. There should be NO typos.
– boring-ness
– lack of creativity
– all one/two-syllable words
– sentence variation
– which keywords you did NOT use
– the genre being close/similar to your usual genre
YOU MAY ONLY SUBMIT ONE TIME. If you send it in, reread it, and realise you made a typo…sorry, bud. Like I said, you have over a month to do this. You should have ZERO mistakes.
Now, for today’s boundary talk…ha…uh, anyway.
I found in my sketchbook a poem I wrote a while back. This was going out of my comfort zone because I was combining a drawing of a geometric design – which I never draw because I am simply no good at them, as easy as they may be to draw – as well as making it a poem.

The poem spilled forth from the inner depths of my being, as is what usually happens when I dare to write poetry. One can learn a great deal about me that most people, even those who have known me for years, do not know, just by reading my writings. But it is layers and layers deep, so takes a long time and even when you reach the meaning and emotions behind the words, you may interpret it differently than it is in actuality. This happens subconsciously; I cannot help it or stop it or make it more evident. It is what it is, because I let myself go in my writing.
But with my poetry, I am much more frank with what I am trying to communicate. Only half the time I am actually TRYING to communicate something, thought – the other times, it is me communicating with myself in a way that also allows the reader to see a point, an objective. It may mean something totally different to them, though, and speak to them in another personal way.
I have not read this poem in a long time, so this is me rediscovering myself, in a way. Going out of your boundaries with writing, no matter what you are writing, does not refer to the act of writing itself. It also refers to acting on it and exposing yourself by exposing your writing. I am typing it line by line, as it is separated in the drawing, which is without rhyme or reason but rather just wherever I had room to write.
This sorrow pokes us in our backs and
tries to follow us in our tracks by
writing sorts of lifeless
O, see the Giant Tree? It whispers and sways in
the Wobbling Wind, the Breeze takes hold of my
shoulders and whispers in my ear. It kisses me
gently like a lover treasured dear. I stare
it in the face…
The stripes across Your back – Your sore and wounded back – signify Your love
for Populus Humanus. Your heart slowly died as You stared into the Sky – the Sky
which Your Father made for us all to enjoy. ‘It Is Finished!’ You lovingly cried with
a Teardrop in Your eye. For all of our wrongdoings You were sent to die.
I am sheltered by the Arbor Magnus from the Mighty Storm. But underneath
the Giant Tree there’s peace, and I am warm. The Beautiful Wind puts peaceful images
right before my eyes; I feel this calm and all I hear are birds and my
own contented sighs. Lovely messages conveyed from birds to me
all worthwhile to see…
I see the perfect spot where I can go to grow. The Weather there is
perfect – no rain or freezing snow. As I look out upon the Lake I see my
Love for loving’s sake – my Love is that in Creation Divine,
Creation to me is naught but sublime. I close my
eyes under the Tree and consider
all there is to be
This wonderful place of Everlasting Bliss greets my soul like Love’s
first kiss – forever shall I see and never to miss this place called I Am.

4 thoughts on “Here Syd Adds More Contest Details & Shares a Poem.

  1. Mariella directed me over here for the contest and I have several brain-thoughts that may or may not be worth sharing. So, here goes:1. The contest sounds like something fun and I might enter it. However, I was extremely put off by the rule about one and two syllable words counting against us. It seems like you're trying to encourage purple prose, which in my experience is painful to read, let alone write. I would worry that this would discourage minimalists from entering the contest and instead of letting people use their own inner vocab, encouraging them to abuse their thesauruses. If I might suggest a few alternatives– maybe inverse the rule and instead of deducting points, add points for longer words, that way at least it doesn't discourage people from writing true to themselves. Another idea would be to be more specific about it– if a long word isn't integrated into the prose well or doesn't seem natural, maybe take points off for that as well, that way it would encourage people to use a more extensive vocabulary, but also discourage them from substituting unpronounceable words for perfectly legitimate shorter words. Just a thought, though. I might try writing this challenge twice and comparing them just for my own fun– one as the original, and another with the short words replaced, just to see how it turns out.2. For the record, Detente is pronounced like "day-taaaaaaahnt"3. Do you mean Acosmism? I'm pretty sure Acosism isn't a word (I'm guess a typo– or whatever you call those when you write by hand)4. In the rules, did you mean to put sentence variation under things that will count against us? My understanding of good writing is that varied and interesting sentence structure is preferred over repetitive structure…5. This might seem a little, I dunno, creepy, but you mentioned in your video that you write historical and high fantasy. Well, I can't help but think you are uproariously cool, since I also write primarily those two genres. I'd love to read some of your work!Anyway, hopefully you don't think I'm insane (and if you do, I'd love to blame it on the ungodly hour that I'm writing this)~Rosiee

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