Moving To China.

I have some depressing news.

One of my best friends is almost definitely moving to China at the start of November. The year before another friend of mine went to go live in Asia, so I’m thinking it might be the start of something, but I’m hoping it’s not.
At first, when it wasn’t so serious, I was “No, you’re not allowed to go and I forbid it.” But then she started 
worrying about it and her parents had a Long Talk with her about it.

I myself have moved a lot of times. I’ve changed schools quite a bit, and can kind of know what she’s going through. So I started to reassure her. We made a pros and cons list and focused on planning a fantastic outfit 
for her first day and how she has to make a friend from each country at her international school.

Moving away from everyone and everything you know is tough. In a way, it’s like choosing a book idea to 

You’ve just finished your last short/book/poem/comic book script and you’re nervous about moving onto another person’s story. You want to stay and hang out with your lovely, familiar characters from your previous short/book/poem/comic book script. You know them, you like them and they like you too (not that they have a choice).

But you can’t go back. Sure, you can edit and edit and edit and reread and edit and edit, but you can’t put off starting another story for long. You can’t edit forever. It shall drive you mad. Sure, you can go back and visit, but you ain’t moving there for good.

There’s nothing else to do but Move On.


You’re on the plane, you’re in the planning stages of this scary new book idea. Oh, God. Oh, God. You have to start a new school/short/book/poem/comic book script. What if I mess up? What if I can’t do this right? What if I don’t like my new MC? What if others don’t like my MC?

First day of school.

Nope. Nuh-uh. This isn’t happening. I’m going back.

NO WAY. YOU CAN’T DO THAT.. Man up! Face it! Plus, there’s an ocean between you at that old manuscript.

Walk through the gates.

Actually, this isn’t so bad. She seems nice enough. That guy’s really damn cute. Hey, this MC’s got spunk. This isn’t as scary as I thought it’d be.

Starting a new project can be hard. But you can’t turn around and run back to your old manuscript all the time. Hop on a plane and visit it for a week or so if you like, but you’re in China now, and that’s where your new story idea has take root, so you better stick with it.

And that’s how I related moving to China to starting a book.


2 thoughts on “Moving To China.

  1. Genius.You're right. I can't cling to my old manuscript, but…that's actually the opposite of what I do. I finish a manuscript and want to go to another one and it's REALLY HARD to get me back to the first one after that… I wonder how we can relate that to moving to China…hmm…Love this post! And I'm sorry about your friend :(

  2. I'm an Acie,haha ;) Hmm. I can relate that. You're moving back home from China and it's awkward and difficult because a lot has changed. The way you see your book, the way you see your characters after China has changed and you're not all together sure how to progress. How's that? :PThanks! Yeah, it's a bummer :(

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