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MARIELLA’S FRIDAY MUSES (on Saturday): Mariella forgot to post on Friday. Why? Because she was having a Harry Potter party.

My friend Rachel came over today and we watched Deathly Hallows Part 1. And then we finished at about 9 and wondered about how cool it would be if we could go straight to the movie theater now and see part 2. But since we couldn’t and she had to go home soon anyway, we watched half of Part 1 again…in Spanish. Spanish is my second language and she’s learning it (and pretty good at it, too!) so we had fun–and realized that Snape sounds more ominous in Spanish than Voldemort does. Is that even allowed?

As you guys probably noticed, I fell behind. Wow, this is a real job. I have email to answer regarding Escapism, and I forgot to blog, but thanks to Tegan and Hannah for blogging on Friday and therefore coming to my rescue, as if they predicted ahead of time that I would…uh…forget.

As you probably also noticed, we’re already under construction for our August design. We found a picture that was colorful and though Kristia and I don’t know if we’re going to keep it–it’s probably a temp–we think that at least while we’re finding the perfect one, it’ll do (but I personally like it a lot.) It’s up to you guys, though. What do you think of our ‘temp template’ for August?
I think a rant on Deathly Hallows Part 1 is in order. I saw this with Rachel in theaters back on February (I think it was February.) And it was the first time I ever saw a Harry Potter movie in theaters. I think it’s the best movie I’ve seen yet, not necessarily plot-wise but because of the characters. I love how Hermione and Ron seem to have grown up, though Harry is pretty much the same, I thought. Still, the friendship in this movie is more…interesting than it was in the others, which is saying a lot because I would give anything to have a friendship as epic as that one.
On February, we saw it from the front row, the seats at the very middle, so that made the movie all the better. There are certain scenes where we even got near heart-attacks because everything was happening right in front of us. We were there.
I believe that the Harry Potter books and movies are one of the greatest examples of escapism I can think of. I know a lot of people haven’t read those books and don’t intend to, but please, give it a try if you feel compelled to. An escapist’s book should look up to the world Rowling created. We need to create a world; we need amazing characters. Rowling did that! And she did it so well! I feel like a third of my heart still lives within those pages. It’s not about the witchcraft like a lot of people seem to think. It’s so much deeper than that, which is what lots of people don’t understand. I’ve never escaped into a book so well as I have with the Harry Potter books.
That’s why, I’m going to reread that series again and review them. Right here. Probably as a final tribute to the *SOB* end of it all? I don’t know. But in my childhood I read each of these books at least six times as a fan. Now, I’m going to read it as a writer and as an escapist. I hope you find my reviews useful because these stories gave me their all; I want to give them my all now.
The 500 word challenge.
Watch Syd’s video on the sidebar.
Click the link beneath it.
Do it now.
It’s going to be epic. Trust me.
And sorry I was late.
I was with Harry, Ron, and Hermione in the wizarding world.

3 thoughts on “MARIELLA’S FRIDAY MUSES (on Saturday): Mariella forgot to post on Friday. Why? Because she was having a Harry Potter party.

  1. I really, really love the background right now :) and the header. It's gorgeous. And that's all I'm going to say because you know how I feel on that other stuff XD

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