Finding inspiration in Rejection

Hey everyone, I’ve joined the blog here.  *waves*  Quick intro:  Hi, I’m Lindsey Sablowski.  I write YA fantasy novels and I’ve been out in the “publishing world” for six years now.  (Not published yet, but working toward it).  Now onto the post…

Rejection.  We tremble at the word.  For the people around us –friends, family, pets, loved ones–they can’t understand what it’s like to be rejected.  How can an agent or publisher reject your baby?  The one you’ve raised, the one who you’ve dedicated all your time, focus, and love to.  How can we possibly accept that?
Six years ago when I wrote and “finished” my first book I got a rejection; probably very similar to the ones you are familiar with.  I was somewhat thrilled to hear back at them, but at the same time a fountain of tears was pouring out of my eyes.  It was horrifying to say the least.
I’ve always found rejections difficult.  What really struck me, however, was when I read an article about Kathryn Stockett’s rejections.

It got worse. I started lying to my husband. It was as if I were having an affair—with 10 black maids and a skinny white girl. After my daughter was born, I began sneaking off to hotels on the weekends to get in a few hours of writing. I’m off to the Poconos! Off on a girls’ weekend! I’d say. Meanwhile, I’d be at the Comfort Inn around the corner. It was an awful way to act, but—for God’s sake—I could not make myself give up.In the end, I received 60 rejections for The Help. But letter number 61 was the one that accepted me. After my five years of writing and three and a half years of rejection, an agent named Susan Ramer took pity on me. 

Kathryn’s story stood out to me.  After 45 rejections she stopped telling her friends, family, and even her own husband about what was going on with her writing.  It took her three and a half years of rejections to have her book, The Help, published.
We all read these stories and we think, “Wow, if they had given up they wouldn’t be who they are today.”  The truth behind why we read these stories, though, I believe is because we need hope to hold onto.  Stockett, Rowling, King, Shinn, Wooding… All of them were in the same position at us at some point or another.
Find inspiration in those rejection stories.  You never know; one of these days they could end up saving you.
Lindsey Sablowski


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