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Okay so I know that this might seem really abrupt, but, we’ve got new guidelines on if you want to become an Escapist blogger or not.

We only have 100 contributor spots and we have got some really amazing people filling them in (about 20 people already!) but we don’t want to fill them all in before someone else amazing can get a chance to do it. So, we’ve got a new process in which we will “hire” new Escapists to join the ones we already have every two months. Which means that on August and September, unless there’s a really special case where we can make an exception, Escapism hiring for contributors is closed.

This does not mean we’re not going to hire any new Escapists. It only means that you can take these two months to follow the blog and see if you really like it before you ask to contribute. Everyone still has a chance and if you want to get in, you can still get in when the hiring is open again. Right now we want to give everyone a chance–which includes giving our current Escapists a chance to shine before we let some new ones in.

We will still be taking guest blog posts from people who are not officially Escapists yet!

There’s going to be an Escapism newsletter that we’ll send out once a month, at least to the active Escapists whose email addresses I have. If you want to get the newsletter as well, comment and I’ll add you to the mailing list.

We’re still accepting book blog buddies. Alex is our newest book blog buddy. Check out her blog here. Soon, there will be a button linking to her blog on the sidebar, when it’s made. Basically, our book blog buddies are allies and fellow book bloggers who will keep us from getting lonely in the book blogging world–which nobody likes. Nobody should be lonely. We want tons of buddies and we will display your button on our sidebar (because, let’s face it, a lot of the time that’s what bloggers really want. It only makes the buddyship even better. :])

This two-month period is going to be one of nonstop advertisement instead of nonstop hiring. We want to gather readers because we want to start our book club (which will get a snazzier name when we come up with one.) This book club is going to be more than a book club–it’s going to ooze epicness. It’s a way for readers to interact with our blog, even if they’re not contributors or if they don’t want to be. I can’t wait to give you the details on it. After you learn about the book club, if you’re mad at us about the stricter contributor rule thing, you won’t be mad anymore. This. Is. Going. To. Be. Awesome. Thanks to Katie for the idea!!

We haven’t updated the Q&A page with the new guidelines yet but I will get to that as soon as I can.

Also, there’s a poll on the sidebar related to Syd’s 500-word challenge. Check it out. There will be more info soon as to where to submit your entries.

What do you think of the updates? If you have any concerns about this, please comment. I don’t want to sound stuck-up. I do care about how the management of this blog affects my awesome fellow Escapists, and I will listen to your concerns. PLEASE voice your opinions!


P.S. COMMENT. NOW. Please? ;-;



  1. comment :)cannot wait for this book club. i was in one once. much fun. especially discussing A Midsummer Night's Dream…haha…- s

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