Writing a New Genre

G’day, Escapists!

As you may know, I’m a writer. In my numerous About Me’s I say “Hey! I’m a writer!”  But a lot of people, authors, don’t call themselves just “a writer.”

They’re a fantasy writer, a sci-fi writer, a romance writer or whatever different genre-writer you can think of. General fiction, historical fiction, whatever. Sometimes they don’t have a specific genre, but a type of story they stick to.

P.C. Cast, for example, usually writes fantasy novels that are tied to mythology. Like centaurs and satyrs and goddesses and stuff like that. I read a short story written by Kristin Cast in the Kisses From Hell anthology and I was like Whoa. Where the hell did this YA paranormal Marked come from?

After reading a number of P.C.’s other books  and Kristin’s short I see the Marked series, written by both of them, was a major change for both women.

I am now awed by these writers. You go, Casts.

Usually, a writer as one or two genres that they stick to but occasionally they DON’T. They try something new.

I love seeing writers breaking free (insert awful High School Musical song here) and writing another genre. They’re trying something out of their comfort zone.

Let me hit you with another example.

Today I got roped into playing hockey in a comp for my school tomorrow. I have never played hockey. I don’t know how to play hockey. I was more than terrified when my hockey-playing friend (also a fab choir girl) told me I should go buy a mouthguard. WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN TO MY MOUTH IF I DIDN’T?

It’s tomorrow. I have my dumb mouthguard and I’m freaking.  

But the fact is that tomorrow I AM going to play hockey and really TRY not to get myself killed and WEAR that damn eight-dollar mouthguard!

I’m trying something I’ve never done before. It’s scary and risky. But I’m going into it with people who know what they’re doing. That’s reassuring.


It’s new and scary and you have to check out things (like mouthguards) you never have before in order to write it. But you’ve got other writer friends (like us bloggers!) who may have written that genre before and can help you out!
I honestly didn’t mean to start ranting about hockey when I started this. Seriously.
I was going to say that I’ve classified myself as primarily a fantasy author. I think it’s because I’m lazy and prefer making up my own world/s instead of conforming to this one. Whatever. But because thinking up new worlds requires time and patience (stuff that I’ve yet to acquire) I think I want to finish (<-KEYWORD)  a general fiction book before I start more fantasy. I don’t care if it’s crap.  

But I must conquer this world before the next couple million ones bubbling up in my mind (witches live on the moon?).

Also, I can’t write general fiction. TOO NORMAL. NUH-UH.  But it’s gonna happen. If I can write a gen fic then chances are I can write fantasy which I love so much more.
So the unclear point of this post is:
I’m also subtly telling (ordering) you to ENTER IN THE 500 WORD CHALLENGE (see sidebar for details!)


(And for all you cringing writers out there, sorry for my excessive use of capitals :/ ) 

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