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Week two–Putting a Face On Those Characters–Give Them The Redcarpet Treatment!

RECAPàDo you have trouble visioning your characters? I know I do at times.

When I first started writing a few years back, I had the WORSE time of envisioning my characters. I did good on forming their personalities, but their appearances? Not so much. Sure, I had the hair and eye colors. However, when it came to skin tone and facial features, I totally failed. I would explain one look one chapter and then explain a totally other different look the next. It got confusing and frustrating!

So I started to look around at some methods. Some worked for me, some didn’t quite work for me, and a combination of a couple worked for me at the same time. ^_^

I’ll explain some of those methods of mapping out your vision on your hottie prince, gorgeous heroine, preppy popular, evil villain, and etcetera. They’re obvious methods and nothing new to the writing world or anything, but I thought that I should write up a post dedicated to it. ^_^ Some of my friends are struggling with this as we speak. So I thought I’d help them and perhaps a few of you in the process.

This is going to be a three week session of “Putting a Face On Those Characters”.”

For the second week of my segment of “Putting a Face On Those Characters”, I’m going to explain my absolute favorite way of envisioning mine. Using celebrities and models for inspiration. It’s going to be short, because there’s not much to looking for a celebrity or model to use for your character’s appearance. But I can lengthen it up by explaining some ways I conduct some inspiration by using these celebrities and models. ^_^

Okay, to find your character within a celebrities face. I first look through . I go through their database of teenaged or used to be teenaged actors and actresses. This is the only first step. ;D I look at ones that catches my eyes, then I do a little research on what projects they have worked on, so I can plan to watch them.

Like for instance, Lucy Hale is my perfect vision of my character Seleste Worthington. I watched Pretty Little Liars, and began to see my character within her. Not just her looks, but how their personalities are awfully alike. The way they do expressions and show their emotions. It took me a while to realize that she is THE girl that looks like my Seleste. Her work made me see it.

Same goes for my other character Darien Hillyard. I see him as Steven R. McQueen, and he drew me into seeing him through The Vampire Diaries.

Okay, now that you’ve done your celebrity, let me explain what ways you can increase inspiration and motivation for your writing using these visuals such as celebrities.

One, trailers. You can make theatrical trailers for your books, which can increase your inspiration on scenes and the aura of your book. Of course, this is just a fun thing to do. You can’t be too serious about a trailer made from clips of TV shows and movies. ^_^ It’s just something you can do to get your creative juices going. I love to make them and they have helped me along with my book writing.

Two, picture manipulations.

This can also give you a boost in creative juices. And you don’t nessarily have to have Photoshop to do this. I use a free program called “Stoik iMagic”. Yes, it’s the long way around to doing things, but it gets it done. And while you’re making your masterpiece featuring your “character” pictures. You can some up with some pretty amazing ideas as you stare at your character’s face. ^_^
Well that is it for this week. I can’t summon up anymore post. Lol. This week’s was pretty easy and quick. Also I dead tired. I had a accuplacer test today for college and I attended my nephew’s football practice. I’m tired, especially, after taking the algebra test! Did you guys know that stuff is HARD?!

Anyways, I’m out and feel free to give me a comment! I REALLY enjoy them! And the more comments I get the posts I do will get better, because you guys are encouraging me! ^_^

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