Classic Wednesday: Jenn in Rant Mode

No book read this week. Yeah, hate me if you will but I do have a video. And it’s fourteen minutes long! I know! I think it more than makes up for a book read. So watch and comment. (Please?)



2 thoughts on “Classic Wednesday: Jenn in Rant Mode

  1. Haha I love you, Jenn. ♥I'm praying for London.THANK YOU for this video. This is PERFECT. I want to feature it somewhere!! *sees how she can rearrange the sidebar* haha.Dare you to read a classic out of your comfort zone?Hmm. Well, first, what IS your comfort zone?

  2. <3 I love you too Mariella :D Good! Let's all pray.Lol, good luck with that.And that's a very good question… So I've read a lot of Western, I've read a lot of Fantasy… I've read a lot of children's books and romance. So the only stuff I haven't really read is super controversial stuff, sci-fi and stuff written like a hundred years ago by guys that are dead by now. Haha. Like the stuff I was saying wasn't the only type of classics :)

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