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What Writers Do At The Mall

I have a problem and I really don’t know if there’s a cure for it. I can’t sleep because of it and there’s never a quiet moment in my day. I sometimes wake up quite restless and groggy because of it, and feeling rather like someone else.
This problem is called I get too many ideas.
I’m more like my characters than I am a person myself.
This is problematic when I’m faced with a public situation.
For example, I go to the mall feeling more like my character Dawn. I find dresses that she’d probably love to wear but I know in the back of my mind that they are not for me. I even consider trying them on. There’s this blue dress I found that was really pretty but I don’t know where I’d wear such a thing; there were strange cuts where the shoulders could be and it was a little too short (not extremely short but too short for my personal preference as an individual.)
And suddenly I was faced with a new scene somewhere in my story where Dawn will probably run into Peter at the mall wearing this dress. I can picture her wearing something like that, sort of a cross between elegant and wild–it’s hard to describe, I really wish I had gotten a picture of that dress.
Then we went to Build-a-Bear. Going inside there wasn’t much for me to do. I have way too many of those toys (and I’m not ashamed to admit it.) But suddenly I switched into character mode and an image flashed in my mind. It was one of a sweet scene where there’s a couple; the boy wants to get the girl a teddy bear but she’s being stubborn and pretending not to want it but in the end caves and lets him buy it.
(You can tell I’m by nature a hopeless romantic.)
I suddenly break out of dazed-character mode and become myself again.
And I’m staring at the colorful teddy bear thinking, “What?” And I realize that if some random person tried to get me a teddy bear at the mall I would not cave. I, as an individual, would probably flee. :D

But it makes no difference.

It just happens–that point where my character’s life seems more interesting than mine. I have a good life, but I think all writers can relate that sometimes we just want to move into our stories.
And I’m the kind of writer that moves into my story whether I want to or not.

(To end this blog post with a bang, I’ll share a conversation between myself and Syd from a long time ago. *sniff* MEMORIES.)


One thought on “What Writers Do At The Mall

  1. Ha! I am SO HONOURED you shared that conversation!!!!We are so awesome.And I don't find myself being transformed INTO my characters, but I hear them talk all in my head. They interchange, like Isolda, the traveling minstrel from 1318, will be discussing something with Nicholas, the modern-day guy from Reflection, etc. It gets terribly hard to focus on anything when more than five or six are talking at the same time. Ugh! Especially when I am at work! And nobody understands that the characters are alive!!!!!!- s

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