Tegan Tries to Draw About Inspiration

G’day Escapists!

(I’m going to use my Acie powers on Paint to try and make this more interesting. I’ve read—and written—so  much today that all the words are blurring and I feel like I’m dying of thirst in the Simpson desert. So Prep grade pictures are all I’m capable of at the moment. Warning: I suck at Art. Now, to the post!)
The other day I did something stupid.

I let my mind wander.

As a writer this can lead to …

(This is obviously Alice when she grows all tall (see ‘cloud’ and the really long neck) C.S. Lewis was lying. There was no mushroom. She was just really INSPIRED. And fire birds are wicked. They do exist. I think.)
This can be REALLY BAD or REALLY GOOD. The inspiration. You could get an idea for a plot you only had half-formed, for a problem you were struggling to weasel your MC out of. Brilliant!

Or you could get started on a whole new idea. This inspiration has led you through a maze of writing opportunities and ideas.
(click to zoom!)
Or you could ditch the idea you said you were ‘dedicated’ on to work on this new idea, which is so much more brilliant than the last.
 (Alice got a haircut, in case you were wondering.)
 So my mind wandered.
I got this:

A whole new story idea.
That I love. To death.
I’m not entirely sure what the point of this post was. Sorry. But I guess it can translate to Inspiration is a double-edged spatula.


I told you my mind wasn’t working.

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