The Lonely Recluse

Poet’s Corner – To One Unknown

Firstly I’ll say this “Hello, I’m The Lonely Recluse”.

Right now that’s out the way I’m here to add some regular poetry posts, hence the title :). What I’m planning on doing, if you are agreeable to it dear readers, is to have regular posts of poetry consisting of: my poetry, the poetry of friends, or famous poetry. Each with a quick paragraph or so of why I like the poem, or something similar, and possibly a quick bit on the author. If you want me to post your poetry then please drop me an e-mail or facebook me (details on the About Us page), also if you have any thoughts on how I should do things better, please feel free to comment.

Ok now I have the boring stuff sorted on to the poetry. For the first post I thought I’d give you one of my poems, just as a taster of what’s to come (it also means I don’t mess anything up with a poem that isn’t mine to mess up.)

The poem I’m sharing today is called “To One Unknown”, it is my only romantic poem yet, and is actually romantic to someone I don’t know. It’s basically a pledge to my future love that I shall stay faithful to her, even before I’ve met her.

To One Unknown.

If I were an actor

and you my stage

What a play we’d make

it’d be all the rage.

But I’m no artist

and you’re my nothing

So there’s no theatre

and no great applause

If you were a painter

and I your model

What a masterpiece

and what a great life

But you’re no Da Vinci

and I no Mona Lisa

So there is no art

and we stay apart

If we were together

and never strayed far

We’d both be so happy

and would never fall away

But you are unknown

and we have never met

Yet for you I shall wait

and stay faithful my heart.

Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment, see you same time Saturday.

The Lonely Recluse.


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