Week three–Putting a Face On Those Characters

Hello, there escapists!

I’m sorry for the low activity on the blog this week or so. I guess everyone is in either the excitement of going back to school or college, that we’ve hadn’t have much posts. Mine is slacking as well and I’m disappointed in myself because of it. I have college stuff, church stuff, and some writing stuff to be done. Like right now, instead of blogging, I’m supposed to be making a picture slide of my church’s camping trip to show tomorrow evening. *eyes spin*

Anyways, this week will also be a short post on “Putting a Face on Those Characters”. I know I’m being quick and short, but there’s really nothing to this, honestly.

I’m combining the other two methods of helping to find inspiration of putting a face to your character. First week I told you about drawing your character, the second one I told you to use either a celebrity or model for your character’s face. Now this week, you can possibly use the combination of the two.

Let me explain.

Like if I wanted for example, Brad Pitt’s eyes on my character Vin Ryan. (This is totally not for real, lol. I see him as Shane West.) But then I see him with Orlando Bloom’s yummy looking mouth, along with Tyler Blackburn’s facial structure. Take a piece of paper start drawing those features into vision on that paper. Play around until the sketch doesn’t look like Frankenstein’s botched up Monster.

If your first, second, and so on, combination of features fail, keep going through them. That’s what I would do. Hey, you could make a pretty mean hand drawn book trailer if you wanted to. ^_^

Okay, that’s it for my third week. I know, that my last two week’s posts have been half butted. I am sorry, I really wanted these posts be epic. But the ended up to be not. I dislike that. :(

I’ll touch up on the subject of book trailer making here soon. Maybe next week. And I’ll show you methods and ways of making those trailers, without paying a penny on a fancy video program.

Night all, talk to you soon!

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