Mariella Hunt

Mariella Just Might Vanish For A Little While!

I’m posting a couple of days early just to let you guys know about this. It might be a little while before I can post regularly again, and I know I definitely won’t be able to post on Friday this week. Simply, I’m having Carpal Tunnel Surgery on my right hand on Thursday; and on September I’ll have it on my left hand. I’m glad I’ve seen so much activity here on the blog and, while I hope I won’t be gone for too long (I have no clue how long the recovery after Carpal Tunnel Surgery takes!) I trust you guys won’t let it die. Thanks so much for letting me read the amazing opinions of so many different writers.

I will be answering email but for the most part staying off the computer (I get all my email on a cell phone) and I’ll still check this blog regularly.

I’ll try to comment on blog posts too! Thanks for helping out with this, you guys! ♥ HUGS!

P.S. I love the Escapists…and I’m planning a surprise for when I get back. :) So keep posting and commenting and promoting!


4 thoughts on “Mariella Just Might Vanish For A Little While!

  1. Awe hun, good luck with the surgeries my sweet! (My mum just had the same procedure done on both her hands too, weird!) Take all the time you need ^.^ *hugs*

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