Yay or nay to Fan Fiction? Oh yeah…and a bit of a rant on my part.

   Hello, fellow escapists!

   I’m sorry for my MIA, I have kind of been busy with college. The first week was a dosey, and all my classes even haven’t started yet! I just took a psychology quiz last night, which I didn’t find out that I had one until the night of. So my teacher gave an extension on the quiz on my and others behalf of not knowing. So I had to cram thirty pages of terms and meanings of Psychology for one WHOLE day, and take that quiz last night. Well, I made a 100% on it. ^_^ So I know I can do things pretty well under pressure.

   Anyways, onto the writing related part of the post. I have recently started up fan fiction writing, ever since I watch the ’86 Pop Culture movie “Labyrinth” starring David Bowie (he’s yummy in that movie) and Jennifer Connelley. All thanks to one of my best friends Brandy. ^_^ I just started watching this last week, and fell head over heels for the thing. It’s so cute. Not nessarily a well made movie. But come on! This is before the dawn of CGI! They did pretty darn AMAZING on the muppet-(ry?)–is that a word? WELL IT IS NOW, TO ME! Jim Henson was a genius! And Labyrinth was well casted. David as the seductive Goblin King Jereth, he’s not the best looking guy, but in this role, he became very attractive to me. Probably, because he played the role so well. And that singing! “How you’ve turned my world you precious thing” and “I move the stars for no one”. I honestly felt sorry for Jereth.  
However, I was unsatisfied with the ending of that movie, so I started up a fan fiction! Isn’t that the birth of fan fiction anyways? A personal take on a plot, (movie, book, or TV series)? 
  Well, I started one. ^_^ I have found out that I can get some statisfying things out of fan fictioning. Wanna know what? It gets your creative juices flowing! I have been running dry on the creative juices lately, and needed an energy boost from somewhere. I discovered my boost was creating a self-twist-to-the-story to another’s person story! It’s nice to play around with an other person’s work, because the foundation is already there, all you’re doing is putting your ten cents in on how it should have went or could go. Like Sarah Williams falls madly in love and lives happily ever-after with Jereth the Goblin King! (my fic isn’t that corny, but you get the idea)

  So I’m asking you guys. Yes or no, to the fan fiction writing? Is it a waste of time? Or is it a good fun filled time, that you should indulge yourself in?

 P.S Actually, years back, fan fiction is one of the reason I got started writing! ^_^



2 thoughts on “Yay or nay to Fan Fiction? Oh yeah…and a bit of a rant on my part.

  1. Labyrinth was a top film, I love it (I'll have to watch it again now you've mentioned it). If you were interested there's actually a manga sequal out, I don't know if its any good, I don't read manga. With fanfiction, it's alright, I don't personally write it, I feel I'd kill the origins of my story, but if your happy writing it and you want to then go ahead and write fan fic, that's my point of view.The Lonely Recluse.

  2. I have read the first two mangas online. There is going to be some Sarah/Jereth romance in them. I need to find the other two at the library or something. ^_^hehe thanks for the feedback!

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