What kind of story does this picture bring to your mind?
You don’t need to write the short story unless you want to–this is not a contest–but if the image compels you to comment on it with what your muse thinks, please do!

One thought on “GLIMPSE A STORY – Week 1

  1. She's (I think she should be named Raye), is in a tight spot in her life. She's wandering the streets, lost in her mind and life. All she wants to do is get away from it all. So she calls out to an unseen power that could possibly take her away from it all. Then a bright light comes down on her, giving her comfort, along with pure, new, white snow. Little dies she know, her Guardian Angel is her deceased mother, and she'll guide her onto a path that'll lead her to a better life and a soulmate that was already under her nose. ^_^DUDE, I am about to write that story!!!!!! LOLWe should do this more often! lol

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