Poet’s Corner – Shadow Man

Hello readers, sorry this is a bit later than usual, life’s a bit hectic at the moment.
I promised poems from my friends as well as those of myself and famous poets; here is the first of such poems. It is written by a good friend of mine called Blind To Our Time, she chose not to have a biography so there isn’t one, sorry, but you should get used to her poetry, it’ll be appearing fairly regularly.
The poem is called Shadow Man, at the surface it is about a sceadugenga, a shadow walker (from Saxon mythology [see Beowulf for an example]), but as ever with most poetry, and Blind To Our Time’s in particular, there is a deeper meaning, though I’ll leave you to interpret that. Without further ado, I give you Shadow Man.

Shadow Man

Shadow man,
what you will.
Your tongue
is a dagger,
your teeth
a shield,
a hiding place
for your secrets.
Shadow man,
where you will.
Tread the roads
of immortals,
walk the valley
of the dead,
sunlight turns to ash
in your hands.
Shadow man,
who you will.
You drink souls like water,
they seek you
for redemption when you only
offer damnation,
the midnight streets.
Shadow man,
shadow man,
tell me the secrets,
we only have
til dawn.

Shadow man,
my careful enemy,

my destructive love.

Hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment.
The Lonely Recluse.


3 thoughts on “Poet’s Corner – Shadow Man

  1. @ Peony – Yeah I really enjoyed this poem as well, that's why I used it to introduce Blind To Our Time. Beowulf is a very good read, though a fair bit is probably lost in translation sadly.@ Kristia – So do I, that's why I chose this out of all Blind To Our Time's poetry that I had access to.The Lonely Recluse.

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