Classic Wednesday: Mary Poppins Comes Back

Hey escapists! No vlog this week, sorry. I’m just too tired. However, I still did read a book (fourth in a row, heck yeah!) so I shall just type it up.

First things, I have decided to organize better. So for further vlogs this is how it will be:

– Brief Summary of the Book
– Three Things That Make a Classic a Classic
– My Opinion and Rating
– Random Rant/Rambling (These just always seem to happen some how)

Now you can just skip to your favorite part and not have to bore yourself by watching the whole thing.

Anyway, this week I read Mary Poppins Comes Back which is the second book in the Mary Poppins series. If you have the time, I suggest reading along with me! There are still a few books left in the series.

P. L. Travers wrote both the first book and this book. In fact, she wrote the whole series so I’m not going to talk much on her. Here’s just a brief time line of her life:

  • August 9, 1899 – P. L. Travers is born Helen Lyndon Goff (In Australia, sorry forgot to mention this in the vlog)
  • 1806 – Her father died and her family moved to Wales
  • 1816 – Moved back to Australia to act
  • 1924 – Moved to London
  • 1934 – Writes and publishes Mary Poppins
  • 1945 – Disney offers to make Marry Poppins into a movie
  • 1959 – Travers agrees to sell her rights to Disney
  • 1964 – The movie is finished
  • 1977 – She is given the Order of the British Empire
  • April 23, 1996 – P. L. Travers died
That is her in a nutshell. Her life, at least, she seems to have had a very interesting personality.
Now, in Mary Poppins Comes Back we continue where we left off last. Everything has been in chaos since Mary Poppins left without Notice (it’s really capitalized like that in the book, I love how words that have particular emphasis are capitalized at the first letter. It’s very interesting.) Then Mary Poppins comes back! 
They go on several interesting adventures and then something pretty awesome happens: The twins, Michael and Jane receive a baby sister! Then everything is still fine and dandy.
Mary Poppins is still incredibly vain, Michael is still fond of sweets and Jane still has a slight temper sometimes. It’s a lovely continuation of the story from the first book.
So, the question is: Was it a Classic? Well I’d say just as well as the first one was a classic this one was. 
It is very good for different audiences. I enjoyed it and I’m just people both older and younger than me would enjoy it. 
It also has more moral issues than the last one. It portrays the children just how children are and sometimes they do things that they shouldn’t. Like throw things at the wall and end up almost being taken away forever! I like how they don’t get away with things, even if their only punishment is a Terrible Look from Mary Poppins. 
Finally, it has lasted only a year less than the first one has lasted so I do believe that we can say it is timeless. 
So I think I actually liked this book better than the first. I liked the adventures they went on, especially finding a balloon with their name on it. There’s one for you too, Deary-Duck! Just take your time and pick the right one. 
Honestly, it was an adorable book. I will read it to my children when they grow up. 
I still didn’t like Mary Poppins. I did but I didn’t. If she was my nanny I would have probably loved and hated her but now I just kind of like her. I love how well developed all the characters were. Even the children were developed, usually authors drag children in and then just leave them there wondering what the heck is going on. She didn’t do that, they each had their own personality and their own way of doing things. It was refreshing having children portrayed accurately. 
It was a book worth reading, especially as it was only two hundred or so pages. A quick read, really. 
I suggest you read this. I rate it an eight (obviously, if you can see the picture up there) and it certainly deserves ever bit of that eight. 

2 thoughts on “Classic Wednesday: Mary Poppins Comes Back

  1. Shame about the lack of vlog, they really do bring a smile to my eye. I love how you kind of tagged the sort of "oh and she got an OBE" at the end of your bits about P L Travers, without pointing out that the OBE is a pretty big deal. I really must read the Mary Poppins' books I'm sure I have the first somewhere, it's just getting round to it.The Lonely Recluse.

  2. Well I'm glad you enjoy them :) It makes it easier to make them when i know at least one person watches them :D Haha, well I had no idea what that was anyway. I figured it was something important so I put it on there and figured it was good enough.Well get to it! I've got I think four books after this in the series, you could read those as well!

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