Every picture has a story. A writer, by nature, can pull a story out of the blue when they see a picture that’s compelling or inspiring. A picture that stretches the imagination and makes one think. Last week we had good responses to the Glimpse of a Story segment. Now, it will be held every Monday.

What do you think of when you see this picture?
What story comes to your mind?
Envision it. Write it. Let it stretch your imagination. If you want to comment, please do. Share the tale that this week’s photo brought to your mind!


4 thoughts on “GLIMPSE OF A STORY – Week 2

  1. A qoute comes to mind when I see this. "Longing to belong and free."Perhaps she's a fairy who can't go beyond her garden's wall. She's bounded to the confine space of her garden she watches over. Like the plants has souls for her to guide through summer and spring. But she doesn't want the job, she wants to be free like the wind fairies that spead her flower's seeds from place to place.No human can see her, no one can hear her. Maybe a human boy can? That he stumbles into her garden one day. And a way to break her bound to her garden is to have a human fall in love with her…but there is a catch. She has to fall in love with him too. It's hard because he's a jerk and doesn't have a pure heart.DUUUUDE, I'm going to write this! DIBS! LOL

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