The Help-Book and Movie Review

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while! I am so busy with school, EC, soooo much! I am filled with stress, but blogging always helps so I’ll be doing a review on the Help by Kathryn Stockett.

First off, did you know that Kathrynn Stockett’s manuscript was rejected 60 times before it was published? And The Help turned out to be so popular, they turned it into a movie!
Mostly, I say the book is better than the movie, but honestly, I liked them both equally. I loved the actors and actresses in the movie so much but the book had more detail. For instance, (i don’t wanna give anything away!) in the book, you find out things that the movie doesn’t tell you. It kind of changes your feelings on certain characters, which I didn’t like. But that was the only difference between the two. The movie starts off with Aibileen just like the book. AND Aibileen is narrating, saying the exact same words as in the book, which I thought was really cool. I would really recommend seeing the movie and reading the novel. It is a fabulous plot that will have you laughing and crying. I love how touching and meaningful it is as well. It’s really sweet!
Here’s the trailer for the movie with Emma Stone, woo!

Doesn’t it sound great? It is. I hope this has convinced you to check out The Help!

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