The Tradition of Haiku

There seems to be a shortage of posts here lately! I’m not much of a poet, but I figured hey, no new posts so I might as well share what I know.


Just saying it so that Kristia doesn’t have to. c:

Anyway, everyone has heard of the Japanese tradition of haiku. But how many of you have actually tried your hand at it? The tradition follows a pattern of syllables: 5-7-5. The subject could be on anything, but most of the time haiku is mysterious and prose-y. For example:

Pumpkins and apples
Welcome to the coffee shop
Where autumn meets taste
Okay, so that one was a little more straightforward. How about . . .
The air breathes much change
Where the sky and earth hold hands
There is joy in peace
You get the picture. Haiku is actually a lot of fun, and is rather a challenge because sometimes what you want to say has too many, or too few, syllables. Try your hand at it and see what you get!
Here’s my challenge for you: Write two haikus and post them in the comments below. Write one on autumn (let’s celebrate the coming of October!) and describe yourself in the other! The limitation of words and syllables should make summarizing yourself in so few words quite a challenge.
To be fair, here is the one I came up with:
Beauty aged eighteen
Dependent on God for Truth
A writer of strength
Have fun with your haiku!

2 thoughts on “The Tradition of Haiku

  1. Though I am known as a poet, haiku has never been a form I've played with, probably because of the shortness of it. So in response to your challange, here are my first two haiku.lo, the falling leavesforetell the harsh times to comethe long hidden sun.an oxymoronstanding without an excusethe lonely recluse.The Lonely Recluse.

  2. But it's spring in Australia o_o Here it be spring timeBut it still rains here, dammitIsn't life unfair? Procrastinator Pretty damn smart, truthfullyBut can't write haikusPlease take special note of that last line :)

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