Being Forced to Read The Scarlet Letter=Sadness, Confusion, and Fear Toward Nathaniel Hawthorne

Wow. Long title.
I am being forced to read The Scarlet Letter which-is-kinda-sorta-by-Nathaniel Hawthorne-ish but I’m not really sure in Honors English. AND. I. HATE. IT.
I may or may not ramble in this post (but i definitely will) so excuse me.
I absolutely hate it so far. And it’s ridiculous how much we have to read per night. I had to read the introduction, which you’d think would be short was, in reality, over 40 pages! And it made no sense what-so-ever!!
I have to read chapters 1-10 in two days and i’m not the fastest reader on this earth so that’s going to be hard. Also, my teacher announced that she was going to be giving “pop” quizzes (which aren’t so ‘pop’ now that she announced them) on EACH chapter. That’s 10 different quizzes THIS WEEK!
I hate Honors English.
I also hate Honors Bio. But that’s another story, for another day.
Anyway, before we started reading the (awful) scarlet letter, we had to make these weird movie things on Puritanism and how it affected America blah blah blah.
Well, my group failed because we had to record narrations and ours didn’t work when we went to narrate our presentation.
I’m getting sidetracked.
We had to present them in front of everybody which was embarrassing considering my group fooled around the whole time and we got about two minutes done of the movie, when we were supposed to have at least five minutes. So we probably did poorly on that assignment. But not as poorly as I’m sure I’ll do on the pop quizzes on the Scarlet Letter which I hate with all my heart.

Thus concludes my rambling for today.

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One thought on “Being Forced to Read The Scarlet Letter=Sadness, Confusion, and Fear Toward Nathaniel Hawthorne

  1. Haha, I remember when I read The Scarlet Letter in 11th grade. That feels like forever ago :P You'll be fine, though. My suggestion is to watch the movie if you haven't already though and use sparknotes because a lot of it is difficult to follow along with if you get bored and lose focus.Always,Lindsey

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