Carrier of the Mark is in stores NOW!
Of course, I got up this morning and skipped over to my local book store and nabbed me a copy. I broke my family’s neck by getting there! In meaning putting up with screaming, bratty nephews on the ride there, and my sister, who has a bum leg, where she had surgery on her ankle last week. So she was whining or high on the pills, I’m not sure on telling the difference anymore.  But I got my COPY! I wanted to cry when I got it, guys! VERY emotional for me, because following the progress of Carrier and Leigh over the year or so, it’s surreal to actually feel the book in my hands. I know the story, but it’s so much nicer to hold the book in my hands!
So, I hope you guys got your copies or getting your copies, so you can review them and post the reviews on here for Leigh to enjoy!
I’ll be working on reading it between classes and study time. I would have done gobbled it up today, if I hadn’t had to practice for speech and Psychology. FYI: I nailed my Informative SPEECH!
   Anyways, it’s going to take a while for my official review. Balancing school and reading, ‘ain’t easy stuff. Especially, when I have constant quizzes being jabbed at me. >_<
  However, it is coming, Leigh and everyone!
  Well, got to get some sleep! Studying my butt off in Psych tomorrow!

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