I’ve been feeling guilty, Escapists. Hence the lack of an exclamation mark on my greeting.

Day after day I clicked the link at the top of my browser (Google Chrome, in case you were wondering) and saw the same post I saw before. I said to myself, “I should write a post. I really should.”

But, alas, I did not. However, I shall now! Although, it’ll be quite short because I’m supposed to be entertaining and laughing gaily with some family friends.

Let’s talk chalk, people.

Chalk? you ask. This is a book blog!
Guys. It relates. Patience.

So, chalk. More specifically, chalk versus whiteboards. Or, chalk versus whiteboards versus interactive whiteboards.

In my room, I have an entire wall that is a chalkboard. Chalkboard paint is miraculous. On it I’ve written my hairdressers phone number, my best friends phone number and the phrase “Say no to drugs” for some reason. The rest of it has been attacked by my friends.

Chalkboards (or blackboards) have been around at least since 1801, when they were introduced into the American education system. That is a long time. Far longer than the whiteboard, which has been around since the 1960’s. What a time difference.

Whiteboards are increasingly popular. They are used in almost every school and some are now interactive. But a lot of schools are still hanging on to the chalkboard. It’s still commonly used, in schools and in restaurants and other businesses to promote sales or daily specials. Despite this whiteboard popularity, chalkboards are still going strong.

It’s a common example of the old versus the new.

Books made of paper (I’ve totally forgotten the name. Remind me?) versus e-book (<- books! Told you it relates)

Books have been around since the 5th-6th century. E-books have only been here since 1971.
Yes, book stores are slowly going out of business, but a lot are still going strong. I was at a bookstore today that I heard was closing. I asked about it and the girl at the counter was quick to tell me that they were not closing down, they were going to fight and stay strong.
It was quite inspiring, really.

So what I guess I’m saying here is that books are like chalkboards. The new may be popular, but we won’t forget the old. We won’t let go of chalkboards, we won’t let go of books.

In a nutshell?

We will not bow. (Anyone listen to Breaking Benjamin?)

I have just noticed this post has completely veered off of the mental road map I’d planned for it but whatever.

Arriverderci, Escapists. 

3 thoughts on “Chalkboards.

  1. E-books! *rampage* Down with them all! I love physical paper books, and I encourage everyone to support them, and the book stores, and the libraries! I defy anyone and everyone who says e-books are the new future. NEVER! I will fight to the bone, I tell you, I will!E-books will never replace books, you're right. I really liked the chalkboard/whiteboard analogy, and this post was really inspiring! You should definitely post more often!PAPER BOOKS RULE!-Anna

  2. Heck yeah fellow Breaking Benjamin fan! Also, I completely agree. Down with plastic smelling e-books (or even the un-smelling ones) and up with the beautiful scent of paper books. Especially old ones. I love chalkboards way more than whiteboards but I never really thought to connect the two like you did but I love how you did. It makes complete sense plus you believe exactly how I do :)

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