Classic Wednesday: Let’s Have a Chat

Dear, dear people of the escapism project. I’d like to talk to you about something. Actually probably about many different things. This probably will end up being like a blog post on my own blog but forgive me, I blame it on the lack of sleep. (Harvest is over! Happy day! I celebrated by dancing in the rain and eating peanut butter.) Anyway, let’s get to the first something.

My vlogs. Now, I am very aware that only a few people watch my vlogs. I’m not offended however I would like to know the reason for this. Because if it is possible, I will fix it. Such as: Are they too long? Too boring? Too random? Or is it something else entirely? Please let me know dear people, I aim to please and I can’t do that if I don’t know what pleases you.

Now the next thing is, what have we read so far dear readers? Or at least, what should you read that I have read. In order I have read:

The Prince and the Pauper – Which I said I rated it laughing on the Scale of Living but I didn’t end up putting laughing on the Scale of Living so now it is rated nine on the Scale of Living which is Floating. It is a very good book, definitely read it.

The Secret Garden – Rated 9/10 or Floating on the Scale of Living. Another great book that I absolutely adored. However, another reader (Mariella, you are absolutely amazing. Just thought you should know.) said that she thought that Mary was like an eighty year old woman and that I rated it a little bit high. She still did like it and you might too. Another book you should definitely read.

The Lord of the Flies – Rated 6/10 or Healing on the Scale of Living. This was a good book. Kind of. I didn’t like it because of the cannibalism and overall grossness of the book. However many of you said you wanted to read it anyway. After thinking about it for a while, it did have a good plot and good themes but because of personal preference I didn’t really like it. Still, check it out and let me know if you were one of those who originally wanted to read it. Did you read it?

To Kill a Mockingbird – Rated 8/10 or Dancing on the Scale of Living. I really, really liked this book. It did have a lot of swearing so if you are sensitive to this, don’t read it. The themes were absolutely amazing and I’m surprised I didn’t rate it higher. Definitely read this. Especially because it’s on the Banned/Challenged books list.

Call of the Canyon – Rated 9/10 or Floating on the Scale of Living. This was a gorgeous book. The description was beautiful (although a little bit too much at times) and the ending totally unexpected but absolutely glorious. You can only describe this book with pretty words. If you have a bit of time to completely digest this book and you enjoy romance, you must read this.

Around the World in Eighty Days – 7/10 or Blooming on the Scale of Living. This was a good book but it ended too perfectly. I loved the plot and the story and it was a good read. However, if you don’t like books where everything happens just right don’t read it. Do read it if you just want a nice, happy story with plenty of adventure. Especially if you like learning about different places around the world.

Mary Poppins – 8/10 or Dancing on the Scale of Living. This book was absolutely adorable. That’s really all I can say about it. Read it to your siblings or read it just for fun but I definitely suggest it.

Marry Poppins Comes Back – 8/10 or Dancing on the Scale of Living. Exactly the same as above except I liked it a little bit more. Might as well read the second one if you read the first, right?

Mary Poppins Opens the Door – 8/10 or Dancing on the Scale of Living. I loved this book. I should have rated this a nine, it really deserved it. It was probably just personal preference but it’s odd when I like the second or third book better than the first. Just read the whole series, okay?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – 7/10 or Blooming on the Scale of Living. I liked this book but it was a little bit too childish – even for me! The authors style of writing also bothered me a little bit but mostly it was just a cute little adventure. I suggest you try it since it’s not that long anyway.

Of Mice and Men – 7/10 or Blooming on the Scale of Living. I’m still not sure how to rate this book. I mean I’d rate it a nine but then I’d rate it a four. Somehow I ended up rating it a seven. It’s a book you must read, though. I’m waiting for my mom to read it so we can discuss it. Meanwhile, read it yourself and let me know what you think.

So in about three months I have read eleven Classics. Technically I’ve really read only about eight of them but I’ve reviewed eleven. Out of those eleven, how many have you read? How many have you read because of me?

See, I’m not doing this to be awesome, I’m not doing this to plaster my face all over the internet (although I’m doing a pretty good job, don’t you think?), and I’m definitely not doing this because I have to. So why am I doing this?

Because I see the value in reading Classics. Wherever I go I see the effects of less than good books. People are so absorbed by these simple little books that please the mind and the romantic side of every person that they don’t really see what they are missing. Classics are filled with stories and big words and amazing description and things we can learn from! That’s the most exciting thing. We can learn things from these books that we can’t learn from romance books about vampires. We can learn about the past, about how humans are, about how the world used to be. We can learn. Classics are just that: Classic. They last and they last for a reason. Do you all realize this?

So I don’t blog about these Classics because of fame or fortune or whatever. I bog about these because I want to share what I have learned. And what I continue to learn from these Classics. I have learned things from every single one these books, no matter how little. And that’s why I  read Classics and that’s why you should too. So please, don’t ignore my weekly vlogs. All those books the average person reads might be easier to read but they don’t teach the things Classics do.

I’m not saying I never read those easy books (actually, while I do this Classic thing I’m working through different Fantasy series because I need something light-ish to read) but you should have a reading diet like you have a good eating diet. Candy is good if eaten in moderation, you need some good steak and potatoes and salad to have a really good diet. That’s the same with books. Read the simple books, read the deep but currently popular books, and read the Classics. But don’t forget to read them all.

This is my request, give a Classic a chance. Try one I’ve suggested! Or even tell me about one you’ve read that you suggest I read. It’s not every day a Classic is written but those books who have lasted through years are definitely worth reading.



2 thoughts on “Classic Wednesday: Let’s Have a Chat

  1. Jenn,I have a suggested classic for you to read. Have you read The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas? This and Watership Down by Richard Adams are two of my favorite classics.-Anna

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