NaNoWriMo vlog!

My first (or not so much) vlog for the Escapist project! I am actually prepared to do my own version of a pep-talk once or twice a week, on here, for those interested in doing NaNoWriMo (yes, we’re back to that).

Enjoy! Sorry if I talk too much/too fast. c:


One thought on “NaNoWriMo vlog!

  1. Lovely vlog, Anna! :D I too am waiting for the site to launch rather impatiently, so I was quite happy to find that you had created something NaNo-related for me to watch! *bounces* (I suppose I should email you back…)Anyways, the biggest thing on my schedule is out of the way, so I can finally start devoting more energy to plotting! I also got Q10, my in-the-zone word processor of choice, working on my laptop today, which made me do a happy dance. I am so ready for the freedom to write without feeling like I have to listen to Inner Ed. I have a roll of duct tape a special spot in my closet reserved for Ed. Goodbye, pressures to be perfect! Hello, creativity! :D Methinks I should get off the internet and find myself a plot. :) Looking forward to future NaNo posts from you!!

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