Classic Wednesday: Without a Review

Dear people of the blogging and reading world I have something very intensely exciting to share you. I hope you take this in place of the book I was supposed to have read this week. I haven’t even blogged about it on my regular blog yet so count yourselves lucky.

That is me, in the middle. With the blue jacket and NaNoWriMo shirt. And the people to the side? Chris Baty and Lindsey Grant.

Yes. I met Chris Baty and Lindsey Grant. It was the most absolutely amazing experience I ever had.

Their parting words were to “keep writing” and that I will. And so must you, keep reading and keep writing.

Until next week,



3 thoughts on “Classic Wednesday: Without a Review

  1. WHAT? That is so cool! I would love to meet Chris Baty! You are very lucky.Did you go to the OLL? Do you live near SF? Or was this a super random crazy happy happenstance?Either way, totally awesome.-Anna

  2. OMG, SAY WHAT!? lol I'm so jealous right now! But that is so flippin' cool tat you got to meet both of them! Especially the myth, the man, the legend: Chris Baty! haha

  3. Anna – Thanks! I know :) It was absolutely awesome. We went to California to see the redwoods and since we were going to San Francisco I asked if we could go visit The Office of Letters and Lights. My dad said that since it was on the way home we could :D SO we did.Fivezenses – Haha, thanks. I know! Maybe someday you'll get a chance to meet him :)

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