Mariella Hunt


…sort of.

I had the Carpal Tunnel surgery on both hands and all my posts will be very short, at least for a while. I’m just dropping in to say a few things:

  • I love you all. I’m awed and humbled at how my lovely friends have managed this blog in my absence. You didn’t let it die. You were dedicated and proved it. I owe you all.
  • CONGRATS TO LEIGH FALLON! I haven’t gotten my copy of Carrier yet, but I will as soon as I can, and I’ll finally get to read it! I’m so happy for you!
  • Don’t worry about the blog being slow. I’ve gotten messages from people saying that the blog is dying (lack of comments, etc.) Remember that The Escapism Project was never a comment contest. It was a project where I wanted to gather as many different people around the world as possible, who love different kinds of art, and make a collage. WE DID THIS SUCCESSFULLY. Commenters are good, but our goal here is to write interesting blog posts and keep this collage going. So keep at it. I’ll be contributing now in the form of photography. Remember that Glimpse of a Story thing we did a couple of times? It’s going to be weekly now. Look out for that.
Recently I tried reading Water for Elephants. I’ll review the half of it that I did read. I must say I didn’t really like it.
Expect more activity from me, and THANK YOU for keeping my dream going! I love the Escapists! ♥

2 thoughts on “MARIELLA IS BACK!!!!……….

  1. I wouldn't worry about people not commenting. Though comments may have slowed, there will always be people like me who lurk in the shadows and rarely comment. :) Rest assured–even though there's not much visible evidence, we're still reading, and that's what counts. (:

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