BOOK REVIEW: "Carrier of the Mark" by Leigh Fallon


This book starts off like any other book, new girl, new town, new school, and HOTT guy staring at new girl. But really, how can you really start an epic book any differently? It starts out as something that almost everyone could relate to, and it is also very realistic.

I love the Irish slang, such a character builder for this book, which makes it more of a grabbing read. I would like to visit Kinsale one of these days.

The relationship between Megan and her dad, it is easy going and adorable. Even Megan’s friendships she made with Caitlin and Jennifer; even though I didn’t really care for Jennifer. Caitlin is so adorable and loveable.

Aine stood out to me more than Adam at first, probably because he’s too busy avoiding Megan. Aine is so dag’gone cute and such a lovely character I cannot but to love her to death.

Adam’s first reaction to Megan’s presence was hilarious! He ran into the dang door frame! What a goofball! Also his heroic actions with saving Megan from drowning, was so sexy that I drooled reading that part.

The revealing of Megan and Adam’s relationship at the Halloween party, was delicious and hott. That kiss was steamy and slow, which made it all the better. I like very detailed kissing. Very realistic and sexy, I thought it was a great scene for them to admit the attraction.

The discovery of the elements and the Carrier of the Mark are amazing. The history got kind of confusing, with the recessive gene (I remember studying that somewhere in Science class before…) but I followed and understood after thinking on it. It’s a very interesting and enticing to learn more on the Marked; especially, when it came to the Druids, the goddess Danu, and the Sidhe. It all kept the book just inches from the tip of my nose.

My heart broke for the DeRis children, by the untimely death of their parents. I hate that Emma and Fionn had to suffer because of the Order’s order for Emma to marry Stephen. My heart broke for Fionn’s story. I literally wanted to cry. Didn’t just kill one of his beloved ones! But two! His unborn child! I hate the Knox!

Megan training with Rian, can I say hot? Like literally it was HOT! Because Rian controls fire!

I think Rian is one gorgeous character, because he just lures me in, for some reason. I love Adam, I’m Team Adam all the way. But gosh does all the DeRis family have to have ultra HOTT men? Rian’s a babe! With his cool attitudes and smirk remarks. I think I want to keep him for myself!

Leigh, can you wrap up Rian for me, as an early Christmas present?

Megan’s training is a cool aspect of the book. The vision of it was put across nicely and there are some kick-butt areas! Megan is a powerful girl. She showed Rian and Adam a thing or two about fighting each other—which I thought it was hott.

I don’t like the Dublin Order. They act suspicious and nasty; especially, when it comes to Adam and Megan’s ‘forbidden’ relationship. But I love the whole aspect of complication to keep the book interesting. Their baby could be a monster?

The fifth prophecy was very interest capturing for me. I want to find out more on it so much right now. However, what I got in the book has my interest in its grasp!

The ending was TENSE! That’s all I have to say. Megan getting extremely angry at Lyonist even scared me! I could just see it happening. I hate strong winds, so I could pretty much see how it went down. And I don’t blame Megan for going psycho on him! He deserved it!

In all honesty, I love this book! Carrier is one of my favorite all-time reads! Because it’s so different, when it comes to powers, the Order, the Knox, and Leigh’s amazing world she had created for Adam and Megan. Even if it’s nothing but a living hell at times, I would still like to live alongside Megan and Adam. (Maybe get me some Rian snogging on his motorcycle?) Maybe I could be off with Aine riding horses, or watching her talk to animals and plants? No matter what, I wouldn’t mind being in the world of the Carrier of the Mark.

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