Signatures for the Lovely People

Some time ago I offered to make siggies for everyone to put after their post to add a little bit of personality and beauty to the blog. Only a few of you said you wanted one but even so it took until now to get them done. Cherise, that is yours above. If you want a different picture, different colors, different fonts or different whatever else let me know.

Danielle, I wasn’t able to do yours because I couldn’t figure out to do. If you want me to still make you one, let me know.

Everyone else, I’m still willing to make you all signatures! Let me know what you want it to look like and I’ll get it done. Today is a really good day to ask because I have nothing else to do.

Thanks and have a great day. 



2 thoughts on “Signatures for the Lovely People

  1. Aaaaaahhhh!!! I love what you did with it!!! The fonts and the placing of the words is perfect! And I do like the picture… only, is there a chance you could change the picture to one where the trees have leaves on them? If you don't want to, that's fine, because I do love this one too. :D Thank you so much!! *bounces*

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