My NaNo for this year! "Deadly Decieved"

Hello, escapists!

Are you excited for NaNo? I know I am! I have such confidence in myself to do it! But will I keep that confidence?
Here is some information on my chosen plot! It’s a Ghost/Horror/Romance story!

Tagline: “Am I a ghost? Am I an Angel? Does it even matter? All that matters is justice…”

Pitch: Four months after she had a baby, three months and twenty-nine days after her dad made her give up her baby, one month after her dad started hitting her, two weeks after she found the love of her life, one week after the father of her baby told her he wanted her back, two days after she professed her love to one of them, and then Denise was killed on the night on her senior prom.

She doesn’t know how she ended up dead, or who killed her. All she knows is…she is dead.
But Denise is back. And she’s sensing that he is killing again.
He used to be so careful, always staying under the radar. Dumping the bodies where no one would find them. Now he isn’t so careful. Police and townspeople know, because they are finding his work everywhere—bodies of young, beautiful girls. Their souls are gone, but their justice is lost. Just like Denise’s…
Or is it?
As Denise remains earthbound, her memories are slowly awakening. Hoping her memory of whoever that killed her comes back in time, before he kills on the anniversary of her death.
But Denise has to rely on two other people, the only ones that can see her, Amy and Brice.

Denise Johnson
Amy Daniels

These two down here are the two main girls in Deadly, Denise and Amy. Aren’t they pretty? And also the yummy Brice is just hangin’ over here.

Brice Edwards

Brice is going to be often referred to as a surfer-looking-dude-stuck-in-the-middle-of-a-country-town, pretty boy. Courtesy of Amy–she doesn’t like him very much. I kind of dread hearing their bickers as I write on them, however, they will be interesting and fun to write! I really look forward to Denise and Amy, though. They seem like they will be one heck of a duo!

Well at midnight I am going to start the Prologue!

What is your NaNo? Feel free to post or comment about it! I want to hear!


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