Welcome to DAY ONE!

Hello everyone, and welcome to DAY ONE of National Novel Writing Month! As the month progresses, I’ll be writing posts on NaNo, you know, just a few personal pep talks from yours truly. To those who are doing NaNo, I hope these posts are helpful to you.

For those who aren’t doing NaNo, don’t worry, I won’t spam Escapism with too many of these posts. c:

SO. Today is DAY ONE! 

As it stands, by midnight tonight you should be at 1,667 words. This is the daily goal that you should be aiming for if you want to make it to 50k by the 30th. However, don’t get to 1,667 words today and then quit. November 1st is always the day where the idea of NaNo is still magical. In the next few days you should try to get as many words down as you can. Consider this a padding, of sorts, just in case you get sick with the flu or someone offers to take you to a concert….or your schoolwork piles up. The padding will help you miss a day or two without losing the event. I would suggest being crazy enough to try getting 5k down today. The beginning of a novel is always the easiest, because you know how you want to set it up. So keep those fingers flying! You still have half a day ahead of you to write!

I would suggest, too, to stalk up on all the Vitamin C, water, orange juice, and other vitamins you can over the next month. I’m just now getting over a cold and I have to tell you, getting sick is NOT fun. Trust me. When you’re sick, your head hurts and try as you may, concentration just won’t stick. There is no focus, and all you want to do is sleep. This is not good for NaNo. Therefore, take the necessary precautions to avoid coming down with something this month that hinders your writing journey (however, if you want to get sick in December, that’s perfectly okay. Just saying. ;-)

Another thing. Have any left over Halloween candy? USE IT! Motivation is always awesome, so bribe yourself with a piece of candy every 500 words you write! Or, if you want to be even more insane, stock up on all the goodies you can (food, popcorn, candy, etc), so that you can spend more time writing and less time worrying about being hungry in the middle of a GREAT scene. You know, the kind of scene where you can’t stop typing let alone get up and go mull around for some food. I’m crazy, so I asked for NaNo rations for my birthday (as shown in the picture below). I don’t think I’ll have to worry about food for a while now.

Finally, in these first few days, keep your head high and remember that this is a FIRST DRAFT. It doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, the first draft of any novel is always garbage-worthy. If you feel like you’re about to pull your hair out, that you cannot stand what you just wrote, that you think the page is worth nothing more than to wipe windows with, chillax! Take a deep breath, scroll down to a new page, and keep writing. Don’t look back, don’t edit, don’t sit there wondering if you should even still call yourself a writer. December is for editing, tweaking, and perfecting. November is just for writing, for getting all the sludge, and the gems, out from where it’s trapped inside your brain. Remember that you ARE a writer, that you love writing, and that no matter what you are not a quitter.

You can do it this month. I know you can.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to DAY ONE!

  1. Pep talk! *hugs Anna* Thank you so much for the encouragement – especially the reminder that this is just a rough draft. I couldn't stay up until midnight last night because today's a school day, so I started writing this morning, and MAN, that is NOT the way to start NaNo! I had absolutely NO motivation whatsoever! On top of that, I have no idea what my plot is doing, and my prose is about as exciting as a wilted flower. BUT I am pressing on (!) and hopefully I will be able to reach 1,667 words sometime in the next hour. (Yeah, I still haven't gotten there yet. Oh well.) Awesome stash!! *is jealous* Oh yeah, and being sick is definitely awful. I'm sick right now, in fact. *pauses to consider whether this is the hidden cause of her poor start to NaNo, as the thought had not occurred to her yet* (Yes, my brain is not working.)First day! Writing! Huzzah! *runs off madly in search a Word document*

  2. Someone said something on the forums about being sick and writing prose…lemme go find it."Drink lots of liquids, cuddle with your best blanket, and don't care that your writing will probably look like you were on cold medicine when you wrote it. Also, chicken noodle soup helps."By the way, speaking of forums, Cherise! Get thyself on the forums and then friend me so I can watch your progress! I'm inspie_girl over there. c:Oh, and you need to email me, woman. Just sayin'. /annoyinggrin

  3. Yay! A sickies thread! You're so awesome for starting it! And I friended you. :) And the blanket and chicken noodle soup advice sounds really fuzzy and yummy. And, er, awesome. Email? Oh… right… *hides behind the nearest convenient object, which, sadly, is a pair of shoes and not very good for hiding*

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