Static by Tawny Stokes Review

 This is a short but sweet review for “Static” by Tawny Stokes, who has asked us to review her work for her!

I give it four stars for the basic plot, but it loses a star for the slight–eroticness? I’m a person that’s not for that kind of stuff. Even if it’s only mentioned and not detailed…much. So that’s just a me thing.

Anyways, other than that, I love the basic plot behind it all.
Salem is a strong female character that is very different and rebellious. Her run in with the sexy Thane of the hott rock band called Malice, isn’t all she thought it would be. She saves her virginity for the guy and is very intent on giving it to him one night at one of their concerts. She succeeds to catch his attention, he kisses her, and then…blank. She doesn’t remember anything of the night. She wakes up in a dumpster, like she had be thrown away like a piece of trash.
Come to find out, Thane left Salem a little bit of something…dangerous, boiling inside of her. It doesn’t surface until she dies and wakes up a few days later. She starts seeing auras and desiring to taste that aura, to suck it from boys she encounters. She’s a cambion, one born from a sexual-aura-vampire, something like an incubus. Salem has to becareful for when she kisses someone, it can be deadly. She will feast on the person’s sexual aura, which can kill them if not careful.
The relationship between Trevor and Salem is playful yet sexy. He gives off a aloofness to her at first, keeping his distance when he makes her go with him on a journey to kill Malice. This is after Salem almost killing a guy from her school. But as their journey gets more dangerous, it brings the two dangerously closer. She and he can kill each other still, by feasting off their auras.
Salem discovers a way to destroy Malice along with Thane, who she discovers had raped her. Through an ancient legend of myth that has some truth behind it. And that is Merlin. He’s the key in destroying Malice.
Hell bent on getting revenge for her rape and making her into a monster, she and Trevor is determined to end it once and for all. Trevor wants revenger for his sister’s death, who Thane tried to turn her into what Salem ended up becoming.
However, this story is a fast-paced, adventorous, and sexy on levels. It’s a quick read, and if you’re in the mood for something that is light and not too deep, you find yourself enjoying this completely.


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