A Jump-In Kind of Book

Today I am talking to you, dear readers. Not the writers, not the Wrimos, not the weird creepers that stalk people (because I know you’re out there. Yeah, I’m talking to you. :] ). No, I’m talking to the readers. Those readers who read just like good cooks make good food. With relish, with excitement, with love.

Picture taken by me

They who caress the closed cover of a book before opening it and breathing in the scent of words, memories, and paper. Those who sleep with a book under their pillow or at the very least on the nearest hard surface next to their bed. The ones who understand what it’s like to jump deep into a book and fall in love with the characters, laugh when they laugh, cry when they cry and, in the end, die when they die. Those who know how to read.

It is a very wonderful ability to be able to read like this. It is a very rare book that inspires one to start reading like this. But it is those kinds of books that you never forget and it is those kind of books that I’m looking for.

I read a lot. I definitely read more Classics than the average person and other than Classics I’m never not reading. But sometimes switching between Classics and Fantasy books gets tiring, sometimes you need something a little bit new to read – a little bit different. Remember what I said about making sure you read a full square meal? Add a dash of romance, a bit of Classic, a handful of Fantasy, a pinch of Western and mix anything else you can think of and you’ll have the most beautiful diet of books you can ever have.

Delicious, yes, but definitely not a full meal.

So when I just read Classics and a bit of Fantasy it’s like just eating mashed potatoes and brownies. I need some corn on the cob and lemonade too! Wow. What is it with me and food? The point is, I love books. I love the smell of them, I love holding them, I love turning the pages and the smell of old books and new books and discovering little tidbits that past readers have left behind – such as an eyelash, a bookmark, a word underlined in blue. I just need something else to read.

Have you ever felt like this? Just so tired of reading. Tired of words and tired of books, not because you don’t want to read anymore but it’s been ages since you’ve had something good to read that you just don’t want to read. Well I’m at that point now. Except for the Classics I keep reading I need something else. Something else besides the blasted novel I’m writing right now!

Here’s one that I suggest

So please, dear readers, if you don’t do anything else worth while tonight suggest me a book. Suggest to all the other readers in the world who don’t know where to turn next in the world of books: What is a book that you can jump into? A book that you can escape, that you can love the characters as if they are really and truly alive. A book that changed your life. We all know of at least one book like this. So please, what is one?

And if you have time, why not write a review about this book? I challenge all you lovely readers to write a post on a book that changed your life. On your own blog or on this one. I know there is one, if you are a reader. So please share it with your fellow readers who need something to read. To really read.



4 thoughts on “A Jump-In Kind of Book

  1. Waterfall by Lisa T. Bergren <– loved it <3What I do to keep switching the genres up is review books for:http://booksneeze.com/http://www.waterbrookmultnomah.com/bloggingforbooks/Both these sites (and I'm sure there are others out there) offer free books in return for honest blog reviews. Since both sites only give you a select list to choose from, you never know what you're going to get. And the more you review, the more and wider variety of choices you get. :-)

  2. Tegan: Thank you so much! I couldn't find Shadow Girl but I'm definitel going to get Jellicoe Roads (which is what it is shortened to in the US)AbbyJoy: Awweh, that book has barely been ordered in one of the libraries I go to. As soon as I can I will get it. Also, thanks for those websites I'll be checking those out soon.Sareh: I couldn't find the first one but I did find the second and third. I'm really excited to get both of those.Thank you all so very much! Definitely checking the ones I could find out. :)

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